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  1. maybe they will allow a spending option to prevent the need from going out and walking around im fine walking around and getting exercise, just i dont care for it when it comes to games Monthly Subscription- Spend $10 get a refill of X points each day would be decent imo
  2. i haven't looked much into gameplay is there stuff you can only access by walking around, or is everything equally accessible without moving?
  3. any1 outside of the UK accepted? curious what happens if someone tries logging in not being in the requested country
  4. you mean local people who dont see daylight often
  5. happy thanksgiving. if you need a chicken addition, it comes in cans now
  6. well if i get the beta invite i'll let everyone know im fine making a special trip over to the UK for some testing. a game-cation
  7. maybe we will luck out and they decide to just put it on console
  8. found out why the they taking so long to find missing link https://tenor.com/view/velma-glasses-cant-find-my-glasses-scooby-doo-gif-11995608 https://tenor.com/view/velma-glasses-cant-find-my-glasses-scooby-doo-gif-11995608
  9. wonder what petes role in kh4 will be
  10. i see 1 of 3 scenarios 1.the crew working on missing link has dropped and most effort is being pushed in kh4 to get it a faster release 2. the stress test and feedback was not what they were hoping to see so they are redoing a lot of stuff for the game 3. potential money issue so development went on hiatus until it returns at a later point this year
  11. we might get a kh4 announcement/trailer this month
  12. vanitas was kind of doing his own thing hes darkness but co-existed with xehanort and didn't go out of his way to be an enemy to everyone, just specific people
  13. well obviously the game isn't just going to end with defeating the true darknesses either MoM or someone else will be the final villain if the goal is to defeat true darkness. that doesnt neccessarily mean killing them off. Getting them to be neutral is also a form of defeat, same for becoming an ally Kh has always focused on the light in regards to doing what is right and progressing. The original beings of light may have actually been evil *this is theorized by a lot of people. future KH could come to a mutual understanding between light&darkness wanting to co-exist and face the future together. So in essence some darkness could end up being an ally >_>
  14. thats just how i interpret it* anything thats evil can always decide to do something good/change their ideals and vice versa aside from the mindless heartless running around who dont really have any thoughts https://tenor.com/view/heartless-kingdom-hearts-shadows-gif-23241657 https://tenor.com/view/heartless-kingdom-hearts-shadows-gif-23241657
  15. theres always oddballs in any population though like vanitas he is bad, but the way his story ended setups possibility of him being a future ally
  16. still think kh4 might showcase darkness becoming an ally considering true darkness has a will of its own, it could choose to become neutral/ally just wanting to stay alive
  17. missing link is so far gone that even square cant find it
  18. wonder how a halo world could be introduced into KH do something like this for kh4 or a mortal kombat world for kh4
  19. any1 have a guess for what an iconic food will be for quadratum? throughtout KH we saw sea salt ice cream quadratum most likely wouldnt have that, so what will be a main snack
  20. https://tenor.com/view/moana-gif-25791948
  21. they could pop into the world while she is in the ocean for example
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