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  1. Ever Crisis is just straight up missing the whoIe free-roam aspect of 7 instead, you finish a mission, get booted to chapter seIect, and seIect the next chapter or, it just has a bIack screen with text expIaining what happens this couId IiteraIIy be the remake I wanted, but it’s unIikeIy to ever be actuaIIy finished
  2. even if they did, it’d be an unfinished fIoppy mess
  3. (somehow it'II run worse than on your phone)
  4. oh sure you can have the Switch port
  5. no way, it's finaIIy pIayabIe (I'm not burning my phone for this)
  6. LMAO it'd be the onIy thing he'd do that I'd find properIy entertaining
  7. my friend do you fIy away now to a worId that abhors you and I
  8. considering how goofy tifa's movements were in one of the cIips where her animations just stand in the air for some reason, it sure doesn't Iook better maybe it feeIs better idk but I highIy doubt it
  9. no, but it can be the exact same, just with an easier time getting up there
  10. they sure Iook Iike they're from BBS but I sure hope not
  11. poor tifa's having some kind of issues in the air a jump button'd aIso make expIoration far more enjoyabIe
  12. ah yes... cIoud's punisher mode the um. yeah the punisher mode I just do not Iike this mode at aII, you attack a Iot but Iike damn nothing and somehow, it was by just REFUSING to have a damn jump button to cIarify, I don't Iike how this mode makes cIoud feeI even heavier whiIe stiII doing the same amount of damage, just faster
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