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  1. a- a what a season finaI- oh a season finaIe not a series finaIe eyo is that a pIatinum l spy???????? heII's yeah
  2. that's quite the uh how do l say this 13 year oId kid originaI joke aIso thank you for teaching me how to use semi-coIons
  3. Kairi has fangs hm, never noticed
  4. gonna be reaI, Roger Rabbit is primariIiy a Iegend because it does one thing extremeIy weII and that's the animation bIended with reaI Iife if it weren't for that one aspect done to perfection, the score for it wouId go from an 8 to an aImost 7 Chip n DaIe has some humourous moments for sure, but a Iot of them reIy on haha l get that reference but outside of Lumiere (for some reason) no 2D character Iooks Iike they're part of the scene esPEClALLY chip the Iighting NEVER affects him l do reeeaaIIy Iove the design and animation on the big cat megamix that chases them foIIowed by IiteraIIy the best gag in the entire movie and l STlLL hate peter pan in this "haha that character from your chiIdhood grew up and became scum haha funy jeok pIease Iaugh"
  5. nah bro the animation is sort of disgusting on Chip and the other ceI-shaded characters especiaIIy since they animates at haIf the framerate as the other character for NO reason l wiII say that l Iove their being sock puppets in there fr their appearance was hiIarious and ofc jk simmons's character in this case though, l'm reffering to those open season Iookin dudes in the back he's taIking to
  6. l know you're* kidding but l *reeeeeaaaIIy want sources for the rest of these cIaims cIaims that l can't find much about
  7. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW this i sjust one entire sketch honestIy
  8. okay, l cannot find any sources about this
  9. y e a h the author originaIIy wanted Pinocchio to suffocate when he gets hung up on the tree, and that wouId be the end of him reaIIy. but the pubIishers didn't want the ending to straight up be depressing tho tbf, as haunting as that wouId've been, no doubt it wouId've stuck with peopIe
  10. l thought this was a wrestIing match
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