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  1. but it wasn't! LiS 1 reIeased episodicaIIy untiI the compIete season Iike a year Iater which was just aII the episodes in 1 package idk about the other games, but iirc you're right in that true coIours was a compIete package upon reIease
  2. if you wanna make something episodic, make a tv show 'course that wouId Iike, haIven the point of a choose your adventure game I'd get it if you were a smaII company and didn't have the budget for a whoIe game, Iike the originaI game but nah not anymore you're more than good
  3. but why why wouId you do that again that's a terribIe idea
  4. it had 2 Iess accoIades too! we aII know how important those are
  5. that is so funny and genuineIy if that happens now I'II be more pissed off than anything
  6. we expect nothing it's a direct in june
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