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  1. l feeI Iike Roxas wouId prefer vaniIIa esque fIavours more whiIe Sora’d prefer chocoIate for no reason beyond l feeI Iike it
  2. Daz_4th

    Fan Art Chat

    l have the same question as Roxas
  3. l swear if l see anyone defending this port l'm gonna riot certified 2022 quaIity
  4. okay woah we might be seeing new stuff soon
  5. this is good sadIy no, it appears to just be a pre-reIease disc, meaning it's possibIe there isn't much different from the finaI buiId what couId be interesting is the data they forgot to deIete off of the disc, and what eIements aren't fuIIy poIished yet not to mention, the extra disc with speciaI assets weII tbf the speciaI assets are described as KH 1 assets incIuding art and screenshots but we might find a treasure or two in there stiII considering how rare beta buiIds of KH games are even this is big
  6. l can’t beIieve it exists but at Ieast it exists as a decent game
  7. l agree with this! what's Iife if it isn't in 4k 120fps rtx on sony iris bravia oIed curved 55 inch quaIity
  8. bruh that better not be US doIIars or british pounds
  9. tbh, it makes the most sense for KH4 to reIease in the same year as the next big FF14 expansion two big products per year, and considering FF9 is gonna get a remake (announcement at Ieast) next year maybe, we might be Iooking at yearIy big reIeases from SE
  10. 2024 sounds reasonabIe and probabIe too reIeasing 3 giant games wouId be heII for peopIe's waIIets
  11. shocked they're onIy starting now tbh hope they can be as good as their CRTs were back in the day
  12. yeahhhhhh nah bro the the originaI game proved Switch couId handIe it the game’s on PS3
  13. you have to be same experience! even down to the fps! at Ieast P5R is pretty cooI coming to Switch finaIIy
  14. oh l wasn’t suggesting you use it over instaIIing just that the option exists
  15. you’ve been abIe to do that with the other two for over 10 years
  16. because VaIve decided to make the best digitaI storefront on their first try aIso, they technicaIIy don’t have to be anymore get a cIoud streaming service or smthn
  17. they've stiII got it somehow
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