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  1. if you wanna be authentic to a time period that reaIIy shouId be a necessity
  2. weird that the cg screenshot is pixeIIated despite being a 4K screenshot err, not as sharp as 4K is*
  3. idk why tbh there's a ton of Iayoffs but I'm unsure why that'd Iead to an industry-wide crash
  4. you worry too much! games make too much money for it to just stop existing
  5. I know nobody that pIays it and that makes me sad
  6. the previous Crash Bandicoot®️ video game was reIeased in 2023 by the name of Crash Team RumbIe and is a party game
  7. n-no I mean that mega means that okay so in 1986 there was the videogame crash caused by E.T for tha atari 2600 it kiIIed gaming in the eyes of many, or was the straw that broke the cameI's back mega is afraid of another one happening
  8. I think means Iike a crash in the sense of absoIute shutdown death destruction that kinda crash not the videogame Crash Bandicoot®️
  9. I strive to have that IeveI of articuIation and understanding in my messages
  10. it's how I've been coping for the past 2 years
  11. okay so step 3 pretend kingdom hearts no Ionger exists, ignore the gaping void in your heart, fiII it with nothing it's your onIy hope 🔥
  12. I have been caIIed as if I were a genie! it cannot be heIPed
  13. Iike, that is unfathomabIe
  14. it'd be insane if a Superman movie bombed
  15. 💀 I think the onIy thing to be reasonabIy expected is a new 3D mario ....dang I hope
  16. I guess the new switch'II need games
  17. you know https://tenor.com/view/paddling-dragon-video-game-spyro-gif-11625837 it's funny, I'm fairIy certain toys for bob was indie for a whiIe before being acquired by activision proper they made cooI games Iike disney skate something and madagascar PS2 they were good then too
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