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  1. James Gunn being so open is really a blessing and a curse
  2. Morbius is in January though lol Its gonna be Kraven and that rumored Spider-Woman film.
  3. Love the details for Sandman and Electro in the backround
  4. With the biggest amount of players coming to launch in Halo history, it really sucks we wont have Forge in a few months to really show it, unfortunate Im not bothered at no CO-OP at launch since I don't use it, but it still hurts a bit But I would rather have 343i be openly honest on whats gonna be coming to launch then just radio silence. Though its still worrying we havent seen any updated campaign footage since the initial demo, like wtf are they doing Multiplayer so far is perfect, but I'm a bit worried for the Campaign, its really crazy they havent been talking about it as much if at all the only thing to happen to the Campaign since the demo was the out of context leak from the first flight
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