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  1. Leveling has always just been a way to get through the story, nothing new there. Its just that the Cards are also either broken or bad. Theirs no balance to it. The card rewards so far isn't anything special either
  2. The only thing of this game I like is the writing is better, the grinding and the quest are bland and forgettable.
  3. I'd doubt that's the case anyway, likely for Dark Road is that the
  4. Rank 4 Agrabah is good, but getting leveled up lasts longer Especially with it just being 45 each kill
  5. Rank 2 Wonderland is actually really good for BP 523 kills, and 43k BP from it. At least with what I have so far.
  6. I did do all of the strength ones, just doing the 30 kills is possible just need a ton of charms. Thankfully I can do Rank 2 Wonderland without any issues so far.
  7. Even at 26, my physical damage only does 2 to it
  8. Thats actually not a bad idea, might try that.
  9. I at least finished the 10,000 watermelon kills, definitely don't have the time to do the Huge Watermelon
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