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  1. for the switch it was, but its originally free
  2. It was a fan-made mod on PC that restored most of the content that Obsidian wanted in the game but couldn't do to time crunch during development, basically a required experience when playing Sith Lords.
  3. wow, not even giving us a reason, just, "buy our ports :)"
  4. this game just runs on tapenot even duck tape anymore, weve downgraded
  5. Knights of the Old Republic is always my go to
  6. i dont think weve seen enough to judge something like that just yet
  7. so its just updating the visuals and gameplay, honestly MGS3 voice work is just fine to be left alone
  8. Seated for Spider-Verse, finally 🙌
  9. https://fxtwitter.com/DiscussingFilm/status/1664399857446969345?t=vSSm0-iZOqiVzfPrZKOvKw&s=19
  10. thats fine, just be more reasonable next time, like I get it sucks what Kairi gets, but taking it on the devs is not the right move. theres better ways of expressing it with a more critical response then just letting it out
  11. theres a difference between that and just how you tried to say it. it was way too out of line
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