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  1. I mean, sure, but considering Kang is gonna be a prominent character throughout the films, having Rama Tut as the villain for Fantastic Four is not that much of a stretch, but keeping his legacy from the comics would be a great twist for Reeds character during the movie. Stuff like that is not out of the question.
  2. Everything is just canon, which just makes the MCU that much more healthy than it ever was. And according to sources 2022 MCU is gonna be unlike anything weve seen before, anyone saying the MCU is dead are just morons.
  3. I feel like Kang is just gonna be another segue to Reed Richards anyway, if they decide to keep the descendant of it all. Rama Tut is a pretty popular villain choice for them too.
  4. We don't know, Kang the Conqueror will be in Quantumania thats the next one we know officially
  5. Finally ordered the Series X, jesus that took forever to get.
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