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  1. Looks like Mandalorian S2 is getting a new trailer for monday night football today.
  2. Same, just gonna wait for PS5 to replay Ghost. Rather experience it again that way.
  3. As soon as I get Plat for this game new Trophies arrive, god dammit
  4. Some audition tape, some people think its for Spiderman 3 but could be for a fanmade film that had the same description suppoesdly. But still beware of possible spoilers.
  5. Honestly I expect a Master of Masters reveal here with Kairi's backstory, thats what I expect anyway.
  6. Same, was about to start buying, now Im sad.
  7. timed is more likely same with Starfield
  8. Played a bit of Cold War, actually having fun with it.
  9. That Supernatural episode, it made me cry. Cas calling Jack his son made me in tears
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