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  1. 1990's crodie 😤not my fault the industry doesn't learn anything lmao
  2. Cause they'd find a way to screw it up- they'd have it be like "Digital only Demo Disc PASS! Buy separately or be free with PS+" or some shit ... "digital only demo disc" Yeah thats good english- f it I'm keeping it.
  3. At this point just bring back demo discs
  4. We- this medium, is backpedeling so fast bro We are innovating forward in reverse
  5. Early access open beta Isn't that- isn't that just an open alpha at that point??? Hawk I swear to every iteration of (a) God that has ever existed one day I'll make you pay 😭
  6. "Neat" is one word for it
  7. YEAH firetruck THOSE GUYS 😭 Damn toilet tentical spider things
  8. You jumped to conclusions and misled me Kye 😔
  9. Davy Jones looks p good tbh
  10. Never even heard of that game so it's already better in that regard lol
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