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  1. @Hell can you show us some screenshots of your medals? Sort by tier 10 Also need to know what kind of skills you have that aren't currently assigned to any of your t10 medals, and how much munny you have (in case you need to buy traits)
  2. @Hell were you posting those pictures as a way of asking for help with beating them?
  3. i'm legit running out of almost every kind of upgrading material now. exp, chips/dales, even cids!
  4. lol, they're upgrading the medal that literally everyone gets when they start the game
  5. wow, stephen amell looks a lot different than i remember. still looks great, though
  6. wow, nearly identical ranks in both now that's impressive
  7. i'm actually ok with cyberpunk being delayed. november was feeling kinda packed as it was: something needed to get delayed
  8. > I might go for one pull just to see but I already got Sora from the cookie draw so I'll just upgrade him if necessary @ElectriCole just so you know, the sora you get from the cookie banner is its own medal, can't be combined with others. the sora from the new banner is a standalone speed medal. however, the sora from the raid board last week and the ux board starting tomorrow can be combined with the goofy and donald from the same board (but not with the ones from the banner)
  9. it really is but the ticket pulls are better than the jewel pulls, so... ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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