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  1. there's some connection, but hopefully it's not the obvious one
  2. so a medal as strong as namine still only does 1 damage against a lv. 5000 enemy when in the wrong slot, huh? neat
  3. would be good if you have angelic amber for that slot
  4. hadn't seen that before. i could see why you picked it originally
  5. how are you running out of gauges, exactly? none of those medals are terribly gauge-heavy
  6. why's your namine in slot 5? it should replace kairi on slot 1 of that setup
  7. maybe diablos for monsters inc. instead? carbuncle doesn't strike me as a boss type (recently, anyway)
  8. i'm expecting something, too. something that'll either make me glad i waited to pull on the foreteller deal or something that will ensure that i actually do pull on the foreteller deal
  9. according to the schedule, you are correct then pt. 2 of the event coin quests on saturday, and mickey's birthday on monday
  10. interestingly, it seems like jp might be getting theirs to +35 tonight
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