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  1. was today not considered part of e3?
  2. lol, fair point everything is subjective
  3. i think it's said in jest also, "gay but evil": did you mean "90% of disney villains"?
  4. so, have i missed anything interesting yet?
  5. i imagine it was what they could manage at the time, and it would be vastly improved if it were recreated today (or when he shows up in ff7r)
  6. i mean, you're comparing present-day barret gameplay to a game from more than 10 years ago. it's not gonna track the same
  7. you know, one of these days i'll actually play ff7r, and maybe even intergrade if i can get a ps5
  8. walk around and shoot things, mostly. he can turn into a monster form as a super move, iirc
  9. i'm curious to see if ff7r vincent will end up playing similarly to how he played in dirge
  10. someone's just like "dammit, i will make weiss relevant"
  11. while it is a spoiler, is anyone really surprised that
  12. do you really need to spoiler it if he was included in the final trailer? his name, i mean
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