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  1. damn, he's looking good! hope it translates this well on film
  2. well, he specifically mentions it has to be kh2 and it has to be on critical mode
  3. so, this was a thing that was written: https://www.gameinformer.com/2021/04/06/cant-wait-for-elden-ring-try-kingdom-hearts-2
  4. see, if i'd been serious about that instead of joking, i would've said pubg
  5. a battle royale on a mobile device? what is this, fortnite?
  6. personally, i like it. it's a bit different, but i can still appreciate it overall
  7. crestoria's battle system doesn't do it for me. it's the same problem i had with opera omnia: i loved the battle system of the series it's based off of due to the freedom of movement, but then the mobile game became "turn-based" combat and i wasn't feeling it didn't have quite the same problem with khux/dr, probably because i passed it off as "well, if it's part of the official story, then i guess..."
  8. theme song for the upcoming mortal kombat film: what do y'all think?
  9. and you would be correct: there were some hardcore raiders that used tickets on the summon quests the % complete just meant how many objectives you'd completed, not actual % of the story completion. by 725, you'd have been around 7/9 of the way through the story, or about 77%
  10. Better than being stuck on the wii u, amirite?
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