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  1. me not having a lot of fire cards at the time sure didn't pay off, lol
  2. i kept getting stuck on the ice golem, only occasionally getting past him to get killed by the margolyle later
  3. well yes, it technically did: but you had to kill the margoyle in the event in order to get it, so it was basically the same problem (except you had your party instead of being solo)
  4. lol, i have all the mats for these event accessories but none of the mythril stones i'd need damn margoyle
  5. the nova damage is negligible, since it won't be doing anything when you start (except to the extremities). if you're going up against anything weaker than epic, then yes, try to avoid using novas as much as possible due to the loss of potential lux. epic, though? they all do 1 damage until you get to a certain amount of str anyway
  6. What were the right answers? I think I got maybe 5 or 6
  7. So, I was gonna check the competition channel, but it's not there anymore
  8. Personally, I don't think dlc is a must for any game. But considering some of the songs they left out that would be really good to play, I'm in favor of dlc this time
  9. which do y'all think is more likely: paid dlc or free dlc via updates? (assuming there ever is dlc, of course)
  10. I mean, you can if it helps your setup, but I wouldn't use it if you have better medals Assuming you mean buying traits with munny
  11. It's not the best. I mean, it's an upgraded t1 medal, which means anyone can get it without pulling, so they couldn't make it too good as a result
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