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  1. hey daz what do you think of this?
  2. In the sense that corporations do that? Yes. In the sense that it's a sensible thing to do? I'd disagree with that
  3. They'll probably try to sue the leaker, despite the fact that they canned it themselves
  4. i think they'd need more dream eaters to match the level of interest pokemon go generates. maybe they could make it all the various enemy types (save for bosses)
  5. luxu took his body for an unspecified amount of time
  6. didn't see it pointed out, but the girls' mouths have been changed (paine with a smile, yuna with a frown, rikku with, uh... longer mouth lines, i guess?)
  7. i don't trust netflix after they made me pay extra to let my dad keep using my account (we had an agreement in terms of pooling and sharing streaming services)
  8. oh, sandman was great imo. never read the comics, but i also didn't hear negative things either, so that bodes well
  9. like, there are some good aspects to it, which is what gets it up to scores like 5 and 6. but the parts that drag it down prevent the score from being any higher i do not want any more seasons to be made, but i will inevitably end up watching them if they do (for the same reason i did this time: i watched the original and i want to create my own opinion on the adaptation)
  10. https://tenor.com/view/link-twerk-buns-dance-gif-22689012
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