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  1. https://tenor.com/view/lying-lie-lies-invader-zim-zim-gif-9196441
  2. oh yeah, naturally. i mean, before the season began, i figured the whole season would be focused on the war/aftermath, and only realized they'd start in on more stuff when i realized how quickly things were progressing and how many episodes were left. the downsides of reading the manga first, i guess? it's happened to me before, where i incorrectly predict how much will be covered
  3. it's weird, because, like, i know this is officially the point where the previous story arc ends and the next one begins, but also, there's only about 7 episodes left in the season not like they didn't start the new op early, though idk, guess this is why i'm not one of the execs who make the decisions on this sort of thing
  4. thursday?? man, i remember when it was tuesdays...
  5. otherworld from 10, a long fall from 14, etc. would've been nice
  6. no no, it's a lot, for sure, it's just... idk, it feels cramped when it's limited to about 6 games in total. like, i'd prefer if it could be 30 songs but spread out over the whole selection, with 1 or 2 songs per entry. at least they didn't put a majority of the available songs into 7
  7. lol, i'm in the same boat as noleen, more or less. it's rough trying to keep track of 4 different lanes, not to mention it uses joystick notes a lot more frequently than something like mom (last rhythm game i played as reference) doubt i'll end up playing the full game, but damn does it suck that you don't get access to more songs in the demo
  8. so then, what kind of pants are you wearing now? ...are you wearing any pants
  9. why would the same news get posted twice 🤔
  10. https://thestreamable.com/news/netflix-claims-it-errantly-posted-password-sharing-rules-that-would-block-devices-outside-of-subscribers-homes https://tenor.com/view/wow-just-wow-car-amazed-gif-15654953
  11. ooh, think we'll be getting claymation from aardman?
  12. I beat pokemon violet! Now I can put more of my focus on gow Ragnarok
  13. One of the few non-canon kh entries, lol
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