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  1. https://www.ign.com/articles/charlie-cox-will-return-as-marvels-daredevil i feel like this is no way home related. just a feeling, though
  2. the fact that ben did the voice doesn't surprise me after learning that he also voices this furby ripoff https://tenor.com/view/beebo-legends-of-tomorrow-gif-12234765 https://tenor.com/view/beebo-legends-of-tomorrow-gif-12234765
  3. Nah, I said another one too, but I wasn't expecting it to come with a "sqex final trailer" style warning
  4. https://tenor.com/view/hercules-counting-three-gif-13591122
  5. limen, stop! nomura will hear you and we'll get a namine-focused side game for the ouya!
  6. eh, twins doesn't really seem accurate to me, but without any official statement, well ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  7. there's a very fine line between romance and friendship in kh. on one side of the line are the disney couples, and on the other side of the line are the kh friends
  8. maybe terra can make cookies 😛 he'll have to work on making sure they don't end up getting too dark (side note: how would terra be seen in relation to riku? dad? uncle? older brother? it's... kind of a weird scenario the more you think about it)
  9. yeah, let's get back to why kh characters don't poop
  10. this all sounds more suited to general, but alas, i am not a mod so i can't make that call
  11. eh, i could see spider-man actually being in fortnite as a sort of normal thing. like, the idea of thanos doing the floss? preposterous, absolute shitpost material. spider-man flossing? man, that's just a normal day in queens
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