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  1. grats also, nice seeing you in multiplayer again 🙂
  2. aww, it's missing the other guy going like "haha disneyland rides go brrr" (or whatever he would be saying)
  3. i think you should give your list instead. there's way too many medals that fall under "not upright, not power"
  4. either fenrir or darkgnaw, can't recall @Sora_1568840842 noleen's and incen's replies were addressing story updates. they've been happening at the end of the month
  5. sorta surprised that there don't seem to be any akuroku shippers here that used to be the hot ship also not seeing much in the way of soriku, the other hot ship (my friend ships aqua with namine, which is just the cutest honestly)
  6. didn't screenshot it, but i got exactly 2600th
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