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  1. seen in the comments on a video: "it's really unique how fromsoft makes every boss in souls borne impossible but gives special copies of the game where they're not impossible to everyone except me"
  2. I was today years old when I learned that the "sa" in "sa-x" stands for "Samus aran"
  3. https://tenor.com/view/perfect-popcorn-michael-jackson-gif-26271837
  4. i think it's always important to remind folks: these scores are determined by people who are invested enough to actually leave a review/score. they can't be taken as a super-accurate estimate of what people think on a broad scale
  5. true, true. be funny if they just snatch up a bunch of the cast members and unofficially restart the arrowverse, lol
  6. ...interesting guessing it'll be some sort of multiversal wink-and-a-nod or something
  7. 280 is a nice number, but 95 named characters is a much better number
  8. https://tenor.com/view/avatar-vanish-the-last-airbender-needed-the-most-gif-14966971
  9. bold of you to assume they don't put out the same type of messages for console games too
  10. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/569816674753314836/1112142962147721316/IMG_8850.png
  11. holy shit, this is too perfect 😂
  12. hmm, can't say i agree with that, but i'm also not willing to pursue a discussion either
  13. what even is "the final shape"? ...is it a dodecahedron? i bet it's a dodecahedron
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