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  1. maybe they deleted random players
  2. can i go to the king of saudi arabia and tell him that what he's doing is wrong?
  3. some people in another server seem to think it was because of the fluttering issue where you could get stuck on round 14/13
  4. maybe we wouldn't be so thirsty for story if khux had updated faster...
  5. see, i was able to take care of both this and ifrit on saturday, just while i was doing stuff. but i'd need that same time to do it again. suppose i could, though. these things don't go away for another, what, 4 days?
  6. also lalafells are being removed from the game
  7. it's harder when phones aren't allowed at work, lol. maybe if they did a 4* agrabah thing like with the watermelons, but these guys require a little more attention
  8. i feel like this is a glossed-over plot hole (not to be confused with the other plot holes)
  9. did we ever figure out how players can have chirithy, a dream eater, supposedly outside of the dream realm? like, primarily in khx since ux is starting to get digital instead also, how can chirithy be in the real world as of the end of kh3? being in the final world makes enough sense, but the real world?
  10. alright, so since this covers both kh3 and khux, i figured i'd put it in kh general
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