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  1. since fandom acquired gamefaqs: https://vxtwitter.com/Devlbeato/status/1576917609488211968?t=sNv18_67gos9J54RJaEaWw&s=19
  2. i can only hope: i don't have hulu and i don't have a vpn
  3. The wording here is a bit odd. For Hulu, it's in the us only. Ok. For Disney, it's international. Does that mean actually international and available anywhere in the world, or does that mean everywhere but the us? (because that's how a chunk of their anime releases have been so far: available outside the us but not in the us. Things like made in abyss and summertime rendering)
  4. But she's not. It goes m'baku, nakia, shuri, ramonda, and okoye
  5. Again, speaking of the poster
  6. Speaking of the poster, where's riri?
  7. Looks hype, still wondering who the new black panther is
  8. https://tenor.com/view/speechless-shocked-actually-gif-12423730
  9. suffer: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/321380054280175616/1026151497270046791/FB_IMG_1664661872950.jpg
  10. oh, i meant because they were saying to get billy zane back (which seems decidedly not cursed imo)
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