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  1. Things have been hectic for me today so just getting around to finally checking Discord servers. NO ONE WAS EXPECTING LEGENDS KALOS. Patterns and predictions might all be out the window (not necessarily a bad thing even though TPCI/GameFreak were the ones who established those patterns in the first place)
  2. Thank you for NSFW warning the FF7 Rebirth area. Now I can avoid spoilers. Well... on this Discord at least
  3. Mega's Final Pokemon Presents prediction: I'm not changing anything. Johto game. As long as it's not Let's Go I'm good
  4. Looks like I'm getting it lol. I'll likely do so even if it doesn't have an english dub (I played the Cyber Sleuths and they didn't have a dub)
  5. I have officially pre-ordered my copy 😍
  6. Skipping this waste of time BS
  7. Well I was right. What a shock. Except it's not. Game franchise officially dead.
  8. I can see it maybe* showing up at a supposed PlayStation Showcase in May (if it's in that month again) but it's a *very hard maybe
  9. bamco finally killed me i guess
  10. I might keep an eye on the remaster but it depends on what else comes out that's all I can promise sorry lol
  11. Got the FF7 Rebirth Demo Update. Didn't take anywhere near as long as the actual demo did lol. I guess I know what I'm doing tonight 😍 I need something to make myself feel better anyway
  12. https://tenor.com/view/hmm-probably-never-gonna-happen-simpsons-gif-14754531
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