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  1. I liked what they did with it in BBS (mostly because of that banger battle theme lol) but I do admit they need to do more with it
  2. Why does it have a Pokemon movie name in it lol
  3. Hello person I don't know that I'm assuming likes KH otherwise idk why your on this server lol
  4. I finished Tales of Abyss last night. Yeah... I can't let the fact that this game is stuck on 'out of date' consoles hold it back. Seriously. I can't. It was the best god damn Tales of game I've ever played*. No questions asked. It wasn't even *close* honestly. God damn AMAZING** from start to finish. Best god damn character development for *the entire party* I've seen in a very long time. It might even be better than some Final Fantasy mainline games I've played. They need to port this again. No questions asked. Period. 3DS is closing next year so there's no excuse anymore. I can't praise this game enough honestly. I can't. Luke is now my favorite Tales of MC and again it's not even close. If you can find a way to play this game... ***DO SO. You won't regret it. IMO. I guess. Whatever. Either way next up, which I've already started as of last night, is Trails of Cold Steel 3. Here's my update Tales of list for those who want it. Abyss Berseria Graces f Symphonia Zestiria Symphonia 2 Vesperia
  5. I doubt they will negotiate with a hacker. That's like the U.S. (or any government) negotiating with a terrorist
  6. I will stream the demo of Sonic Frontiers if one is put out on PSN (for free of course) before the game comes out =/ just to spite respectful
  7. TGS is over and nothing of interest happened (for me). Not surprised in the slightest.
  8. I don't see the point in teasing it if you aren't going to reveal it within a year. But okay. Dropping this now
  9. I found it Long link sorry
  10. They showed all of the Persona protags with a 6th box that was white with no actual character I mean. Just a white box
  11. It was when they announced their anniversary celebration. I don't have the link anymore
  12. They teased it last year (P6) but okay. Also there is never going to be anything for .hack. I'd expect P6 more. But again okay
  13. I wasn't aware TGS had already started. Someone @ me or message me or whatever if P6 gets announced or anything for .hack
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