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  1. In all seriousness... I hope people enjoy it. Zelda just isn't my franchise
  2. can't wait for respectful to fangirl all over the zelda totk direct
  3. Yeah okay. They can be taken seriously too but alright
  4. Which is why I wish Nomura would have just did nothing at all like that god damn CC2 director for getting .hack fans hopes up
  5. I didn't say they did. I said that's a possible perception of the vague af statement he gave at the concert
  6. They were using UE5. UE4 was only used for the trailer. But alright. Not exactly a good excuse but okay
  7. Because it's impossible to not think that it's been delayed (already. Yes I know it never had a release date but I'm just saying) or NFTs will be in it =/
  8. Because it's so vague and he should have known people would be paranoid about what it meant
  9. Don't expect him to do anything. That last statement he put out was already concerning enough as it is
  10. I don't even play Souls games because they are clearly too hard for me
  11. can't wait to try the maybe demo
  12. it does look amazing though tbh
  13. Snakeskin spitting facts. I just like games and want to look forward to games and be hyped about games
  14. Yoshi-P is our savior. But even he can't save us from SE being NFT simps now I guess 😔
  15. I'll just wait for a summary or something
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