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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. smH SQUARE WHERE MY PLAQUE AT i need a spot on their HQ wall
  2. you mean me full chaining blindfolded isn't enough for a stamp?
  3. yeah its something you can have on the side while you watch netflix or something at least theres also the uh successful actions or whatever im close to 300k and still gold
  4. so the max you could possibly get per run is 190 and mickey stamp is PAST 10k?
  5. it says amount healed but it actually means percent healed
  6. hopefully guests is my heart was torn in half when i hit 10k and still saw a gold crown on that one
  7. although there's no telling how much more they want since apparently its not scaled equally
  8. how many are you at right now? i think it should be 50 for mickey stamp im at 40 with gold
  9. sorry i had thanksgiving stuff to do, i meant to say more lol. i know i've had beast in beauty and the beast and aladdin in a whole new world but as for how often it is, i still don't really know it seems random
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