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  1. they never responded to my pics lol
  2. i wanted to stir the pot so i posted some pics oops sent proof that sony and square have most definitely worked with netflix before lmfao
  3. literally my first time logging in in months, to post mothers day stuff, and nesrly had whiplash when i scrolled past this
  4. might just be some guy wanting a bit of attention poor thing
  5. idk it kinda seems like they're looking for praise and congrats on a fake story which comes with pathological liars a lot of the times lol
  6. looked at more comments and definitely low effort troll or pathological liar lol
  7. probably a troll but if it isn't.......
  8. they can port the existing engine over though bc ue5 is backward compatible with ue4 projects iirc so it wouldn't be a complete ground up job again port over the existing engine and then improve it with ue5 stuff
  9. MoM devs definitely helped with Theatrhythm first dives and boss battles are literally straight out of Theatrhythm games haha the field battles were made bc Nomura decided he wanted the game to feel more traditional than Theatrhythm games but yeah it was indiezero and it's in Unity KH3 was made in ue4 so they've got experience in both major engines if they decide to remake one of the ds games
  10. i swore they said they would drop that chess board on the site
  11. its one where sora enters the room where they played chess but it was never released
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