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  1. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    watching ms marvel ep 2 now. not through it all just yet but
  2. I've just come to accept that I'm a bit too busy to be sinking time into longer games now so I just play games I already played or are quick and easy to play. like fighting games, puzzles, etc that i only have to put the time in for that one session and never think about again lol. reason i tend to never go back to games is that my free nights to play are so far apart that by the next day, I forget things about the game or I again feel that dread of not finishing it etc the only exceptions of course being my absolute fav franchises like KH and FF
  3. even if i really enjoyed it
  4. i say that all the time. ill start a new game after ive said I'll break the habit and then never go back to it again
  5. the hardest thing about gaming for me is just starting i will sit there with hundreds of games in backlog and not want to start any of them bc of the abyss of the unknown so i just play my comfort games instead
  6. Limen

    Fan Art Chat

    my keykid was featured 😭😭😭
  7. also had a lot of fun with no mans sky when i first upgraded
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