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  1. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    finally we'll get to see the return of the queen
  2. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    discord does a funny thing where it'll combine the total file size to use as its limit, so even if all files are under the threshold, if the total is over it'll give you the error. you just gotta send em as separate messages which is so troublesome
  3. i still have both of mine on my shelf! they're so neat
  4. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    funny that its also on Switch so technically Switch has the most recent mainline game too
  5. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    i think 1-8 is on there DQ wise
  6. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    that one specifically i can see being a fun mobile game tbh
  7. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    even stuff like DQ builders
  8. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    literally the entire ff series from 1-9 and like all of DQ besides 11 i think?? LMAO saga, mana uhhhh Chrono
  9. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    its a bit pricey but not nearly as bad as the square enix ports i don't understand those prices from square
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