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  1. its why i try to make shortened videos of my streams for youtube too
  2. as a streamer myself i watch more streams now than i do youtube lol
  3. I've recently been watching a ton of streams from different ppl though lol violins speedruns, and then basically whoever he raids
  4. the only kh related content creators I've seen videos of as of recently are sarahkey and violin oh and ninten outside of that i haven't watched kh stuff on youtube since like pre bbs days lol
  5. the YouTube personality i assume WHAT'S up guys LIMEN here BACK with another video
  6. hmk in lowercase makes me think of that one teacher in south park that always says hhmmmkk?
  7. but yeah he often goes overboard on his opinions
  8. i haven't seen any of his videos so i can't say anything about that
  9. i follow him on Twitter and my thoughts are that he's just very passionate about his opinions lol
  10. the timing of the move and name change is pretty sus
  11. also sorry it wasnt sexual allegations, it was abuse allegations
  12. he lives in Mexico now, goes by Drake Campana, and only writes songs in Spanish
  13. too bad he ran away from the US because of sexual allegations and changed his name lmaoo
  14. what if i told you i did
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