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  1. interesting in this case though, i feel like it's easy to have a chapter revolve around Rufus while still playing the main party. pretty sure it'll be the whole junon thing. but with Zack, bouncing back and forth between the two narratives would seem a little odd not impossible of course, but with the two sides probably doing completely unrelated things until later in the end, it wouldn't make sense from a story telling perspective imo and i don't mean that in a two timelines way, just in a "we won't know wtf the team is planning with this story until the end of the game" sort of way lol
  2. they already confirmed he's getting a chapter in Rebirth. whether that means a playable chapter or just a chapter where the story focuses on him we'll have to see i guess lol he might get something like the stance in CCR but actually usable LOL
  3. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    ngl i just saw comparison photos and immediately came to the conclusion that you were lmao
  4. Limen

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    i was not trying to spark more sonic talk from daz with that silver i am so sorry everyone :holyfiretruck:
  5. Limen

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    ACCKSHUALYY this is silver 🤓
  6. Limen

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    his hair is pretty white alright
  7. okay then where are his big ass shoes the question still remains!!?!?!
  8. Limen

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    young Sephiroth?? :lickward:
  9. kh4 is a metaphor for the average office working life confirmed they are, but they'd be 🔥🔥 if they were beeg
  10. i wonder how they'll adjust it for the usual kh art style when he's inevitably saved
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