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  1. you might need a different kind of release for that
  2. flashback scenes to him building up his empire PLEASE
  3. and they also don't have be to console exclusives like the old days
  4. no i get where you're coming from. my response is more so, they don't have to make those games 0.2 sized to fill in the gaps. they can still be full sized and take those gaps up just the same, but that's a pipe dream unfortunately
  5. it's honestly still perfectly feasible to do on every system this day and age. there's no reason for them to have to make it kh3/4 sized, or even use those assets. they can still work with the older assets if they wanted, just like they did with MoM, and still give us side games on every console there's no reason to make it 0.2 sized or exclusive to one console in response to this conversation btw
  6. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    i think the main reason there is one is because of the Switch version existing, but I do agree that there didn't need to be an "option" on the higher end devices, just make it the default at that point. plenty of other games do already
  7. https://tenor.com/view/josuke-gif-26373957
  8. i feel like we have it both better and worse because sometimes square refuses to even acknowledge the series because of the licensing nightmares but at the same time it's still one of their biggest IPs so we're stuck in that sort of purgatory where other series and fandoms definitely know where they sit, being their company's favorite or knowing they're the ignored middle child etcetc
  9. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    just twitter things ™️
  10. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    both PS5 and Switch copies and pirated the PC version to mess with something i just barely played past hikari's ch1 LMAO
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