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  1. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    i had the normal 6 before and i honestly hated it. so full of bugs and glitches. almost gave up on pixel line after that after all these years but im glad the 7pro has fixed basically every issue i had before lol like I'd gone from a 3xl to the 6 and if my 3xl weren't broken i would have switched back, that's how bad it was
  2. Limen

    Gaming Chat

    tfw i can emulate 90% of the series perfectly fine on my phone but square can't be assed to properly port kh to switch
  3. depending on how much time and effort i actually put into the dark mode one from now until the light one comes in will determine whether i open that one or not i thought about it but i don't really care about keeping the value since I've opened every other product on my shelf lol as long as i get to enjoy my stuff I'm ok with it does anyone here have light mode? I've barely seen people post it also does it start as kairi or is that just promo
  4. same haha ordered mid October so light mode was already out of stock so I'm glad i get to order it cheaper on Amazon now
  5. mine came in last night. paid nearly double for the import but it's okay lol i also just ordered the light mode one on Amazon since those were out on the site i imported from not sure yet if i want to keep it sealed or open it along with my dark mode one look at the lil fella
  6. i was expecting it to be small after others here have mentioned it but i still wasn't prepared for how small
  7. was that the same Data Sora or two different ones but yes Limit Cut should be separate imo
  8. no no, in Coded itself I thought there was a point where they were done with Sora and then had to bring him back again so he had no memories of everything that just happened for a bit
  9. technically there were 2 Data Soras before his heart came back and connected to the new one right or was it just the same 1 with wiped memories
  10. keep that thing away from me
  11. Limen

    Memes Chat

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