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  1. Features that shouId've been on the switch: - easier access to online/privacy settings - a 2nd shelf for NSO/Media apps - ability to pin games at the front of the list - sorting your friends Iist - folders on switch home screen - themes and music for the switch and background music for the switch eshop Anything else ?
  2. It's only possible to mark friends as best friends or not. Maybe this could at least added in an update. Well if anyone wanna exchange switch codes, let me know.
  3. That's something they could add in a simple update, right ? Right ?
  4. Yes. Nintendo should at least make a Dock Pro or something like that so the games could have a bit better resolution and framerate maybe. Any form of upgrade in resolution or framerate is appreciated for the switch. Can you sort the friend list on the switch ? Wanna exchange switch codes with people but like to see some sort of sorting options for the friend list.
  5. Disappointing that there's no switch pro or a cheap docked only switch yet. Still annoying that the ps5 didn't have all the features that the ps4 has yet.
  6. Probably but maybe then there could've been a chance to see verum rex or kh4 on ps4.
  7. Ps5 released a bit early they should've delayed it and released it maybe at the end of this year. November 15, 2023 so the ps5 could've released exactly 10 years later than its predecessor.
  8. Still sad that it's not on ps4 though
  9. Shouldn't maybe square work with sony together for this ?
  10. That's nice. Clothing is also an idea.
  11. That's true. What are you giving your friends for their birthday ?
  12. Like any regular stuff ? DVDs or Blurays aren't that good of an idea because Netflix and other stuff exists.
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