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  1. It is strange that the game was released last year on PS5 and they decided to make a backwards port.
  2. If they are able to make it work they should share that technology with Square.
  3. Yes. However EA is able to make that work.
  4. It is disappointing that EA is doing something right for once. Square will probably not make a backwards port of Final Fantasy XVI or anything else in the future.
  5. EA is doing something good. They started to make a backwards port of that new Star Wars game everyone liked.
  6. Wonder why they decided to make Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D separated and Dragon Quest 1 HD-2D and Dragon Quest 2 HD-2D as a bundle?
  7. Has anyone played the REYNATIS demo already?
  8. Do not understand the language but I understood the message.
  9. https://x.com/chenyusama_/status/1802850117218631744
  10. Re:Coded gameplay was a lot better than 358/2 Days.
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