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  1. It is such a shame that most final fantasy characters never were given the opportunity to fight other characters. Imagine Sephiroth vs Young Xehanort or something.
  2. Well. It is still a gacha game. Not a fan. Even if it is good or fun. Hopefully they make an offline version some years later.
  3. It is such a shame that versus xiii will never be real. Have seen some reports on twitter that RDR2 is coming to switch ? If that is physical I hope switch 2 will get a physical kh collection.
  4. Nomura was always a Final Fantasy character himself. Hope that I can also meet him someday.
  5. Unfortunately I am not in a position where anybody would listen to me or my words.
  6. These people should instead try to use that time and money to make this world a little bit better.
  7. Do they know that things like that are literal crimes ?
  8. Is there anything to win by doing such an attack on Sony ? Or what does this hacker group try to achieve ?
  9. Like why do people do stuff like this.
  10. Do we need to change all our data ? Like password and stuff ?
  11. What does this mean ? Nice. P4G too or only P3P ?
  12. I see. Interesting. Thank you for your answers!
  13. May I ask who it was ? Or is this the case in general ?
  14. Do they allow to take a photo together ? Or do they want to have money ?
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