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  1. All you have to do is name a character from a animation (us cartoons,anime,animated movies) that never did anything useful in that series Rules 1 no live action or video games characters 2 they have to have moments where they were useless Go https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://naeye.net/1049/opinion/the-top-5-most-useless-disney-characters-of-all-time/&ved=2ahUKEwj3uamIiI_gAhVIS6wKHeagBAEQFjAGegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw3WGT39WcOwe9w0PYrAK7ym
  2. Z ,super is the last Jedi of anime Typeo sorry) ninja Strom 2 or Budokai 2
  3. Z ,super is the last Jedi of anime https://youtu.be/StZV78F2hO8 or https://youtu.be/StZV78F2hO8 Typeo sorry
  4. If there was a character you like to recast in kingdom hearts who would that character be and which voice actor will replace him/her?
  5. Warring:following videos are too black http://youtu.be/6rNHVpKjrLk
  6. The incredibles Spider-man 3 Big hero six Sky high one-punch man Iron man 4 Avengers:zombies
  7. After the success of my disney transfomers cossover(that's on hiatus)I thought to do a parody of the marvel cinematic universe with cartoon/anime characters
  8. honestly Spider-Man would beat most of deep characters
  9. The following is a written parody for an honest trailer The effects of man of steel The epicness of the dark knight The story of watchmen Non of that is in this show Teen titans go You hated the amazing spies(shows cilp from the amazing spies),Jake and the neverland pirates(shows cilp from Jake and the neverland pirates)some parts my little pony:friendship is magic,(shows cilp from my little pony:friendship is magic)Scooby -doo mystery ic,(shows cilp of scooby-doo mystery ic),littlest pet shop made you lose brain cells(shows cilp from littlest pet shop) iron man:armored adventures gave you the middle finger (shows cilp iron man:armored adventures)and girl meets world made you say why?!,(shows cilp from girl meets world)come the next awful tv cartoon reboot.which is more hated that breadwinners,and Johnny test(ok so it worse that those) See the show that first was a decent gem,to sucks -a-lot train wreck,to now hey do you like the original version of teen titans,well here what we think of it.(shows cilp of a guy pooping) Meet all the characters that you love get the modern SpongeBob treatment Robin:the character that used to give a dam about his team,to being worse that his batman and robin counterpart,because the next Fred from Scooby-doo,becomes a stalker and now has breasts in of nipples.ok,who made these character designs. Cyborg:went from.a robot with feelings,and later becomes part of the justice league,is now a b-movie black comedy character,and lost his iq Beast boy:Yoda and gollum's baby that is now had more of his IQ lost than cyborg,pop into rejected looney tunes characters and is jerk like everyone in this show. Starfire:a ailen that can not give away facehugers,is no longer sexualized,gives a mark walhbreg style performance(shows cilp from pain and gain)not that performance(shows cilp from the happening)that performance,is not happy-go-lucky character Starfire:oh pigges! And a the chasephase even(which is just her saying the to everything)man and I thought pinkie pie was awesome. And raven:Bella swan's twin sister,that some how does not sound like a robot like in injustice,like Sabrina from Pokemon she makes you pee in Your pants,like Tara strong in her Wikipedia photo never smiles,unless she on a baby fly,she has crush on beast bot though likes the beated him up in almost every episode,and likes what Goths likes Being an emo,rock and roll,bugs,::dolphin noise::s,hating things,old people,and pony butts. (show cilp from the return of Slade) cuz you know what to do with your big fat butt,wiggle,wiggle,wiggle,wiggle*toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot*.wiggle,wiggle,wiggle,wiggle*toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot*.wiggle,wiggle,wiggle,wiggle*toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot*.wiggle,wiggle,wiggle,wiggle*toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot*.just a little bit of *toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot,toot*.come on,I HAD to put that there. Before you see Ben Affleck kick superman's ::dolphin noise::,see a show with awesome stuff like.. Boring action sences Pop culture references Characters being picks to each other, And good songs like A terrible remix of the original theme song. Pie favored pie The same name sung over again,The same name sung over again,The same name sung over again,The same name sung over again. A better randb song than crazy in love. Not the weekend's remember you Comedians duck balls That song that need to give hynden walch a career change,(no,really she's a better pop star than a voice actor) Scooby -doo cameo I didn't know Tara strong could sing Justin Bieber could sing better than you Rebecca black could sing better than you. Not Flo rida's whisper The other song that proves that hynden walch should get a career change The genetic song for new years Not jay-z do it again(put your hands up) And lets look at people's ::dolphin noise::s Puls with great morals like... It ok to be a hoarder Smart people are hither You can win anything by cheating Legs are more important than arms Anything from your childhood sucks now Being not normal is cool Teeth taste better than doritos Biggest belly is in charge You can nice and mean by making up a random word that sounds like it came from a mad lips game If someone is having a day off be a pick to them Hot,blonde,girls are evil. Girl are better than boys When your your boyfriend or sister forgives you,kill them anyways Your bathroom is better than Disney world And responsibility sucks balls.no wonder people call this shows toddler titans(also in I'm the sauce the titans called the the villains from thus show just to play a game,well in that case hey hilter wanta play halo.) Staring Robin without nipples(robin) Black megaman(cyborg) The green goblin(beast boy) More annoying than star butterfly(starfire) Goth Bella swan(raven) Paula dean(mother may eye) Devil may cry(trigon) The bad titians(the h.i.v.e) Jennifer Lopez(Sonia) Raid bug spray(silkie) Pizza hut(pizza guy) Dipper and Mabel(the wonder twins) Female tremor(terra) Donald and daffy duck(mocking birds) Little red riding hood(kitten) Gota go fast,Gota go fast,Gota go fast,fast,faster,faster(mina n mano) Recolor of starfire(blackfire) White aqualad(aqualad) (shows cilp from money grandma) MURICA,F**K YEAH(George Washington) Charather that I rip off and used as an oc,i mean. The evil dead(scary Terrie) Black aqualad(yj aqualad) A better deadpool than notan north(Rose Wilson) And a brunch of random characters that nobody gives a crap about *except for deathstoke*(characters that I forgot to put on here) Batman and robin:the animated series Ok,sym-bonic titan gey canalled and Is replace with the problem solvers,no one bats and eye.get young justice of the air and EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS!!!!
  10. The Following is a written parody for an Honest Trailer From the company that milks tom and Jerry,Scooby doo,batman,superman,and the matrix like call of duty games And the network that is now the new nickelodeon comes the they best show ever (shows a cilp from the power puff girls)nope,but it is great show. (shows Steven universe title card) Steven universe See a original kids show that rips off Adventure time Dragon ball z Sailor moon Density:the taken king Ff:7 The last of us And the matrix Plus also see things that kids love like... Bullying Being stabbed Being sliced in bits Family issues armadas A post apocalypse world Rejection And the most darkest creatures in the planet since trees in the happening......... Hands(shows cilp from keeping it together) Meet Steven universe,a fat kid that is a happy go lucky character that will never wanted.*cough SpongeBob,Mabel,pinkie pie,star butterfly,pharall Williams cough*who also his own mother,has anime style eyes,and doesn't do anything useful in the show untill season 3. He lives with the crystal gems,a trio of girls with body's that are better than any real women ,that are rip offs of another a trio of girls with body's that are better than any real women(shows cilp from super best friends forever)and a another(shows cilp from totally spies)and a another (shows cilp from the powerpuff girls)and a another(shows cilp from Dexter laboratory)ok cartoon network it one rip off movies,tv shows,and video games but yourselves.come on Garrett:what's happens if Welker,and jax bigges had a baby, a master with fists,lips,and a English accent.who is really two girls and are gay. Preal:Zack fair half sister,a swordswoman with a pointer nose that the ice king,is also gay,and has more memes than Nigel Thornberry. And Amethyst:they not much to say about her since she not much detail untill season two.she is maybe gay? They come from homework,a planet with cheesy name where more gay space rocks try to make babies gay space rocks on earth but are hurting it for unexplained reason.so rose,a girl with enough curly hair to make Shirley temple crap her pants,finds three gay space rocks,go halo on them,and turn her into her own son.see now they are riping off halo.you had one job sugar,ONE JOB! after turning half of earth into a fallout map,and Steven beening born,it now thier job to,take care of Steven,even if they wish they had rose back(seriously they say in almost every episode) protect the planet from mutants that used to be gay space rocks,stop villains that are barely in this show,promise not to use their powers to hurt humans,though their broke it by doing it to wwe wrestlers,and a guy with a blog, and destroyed their city and don't clean after themselves until season two. Hey,I watching a kid show,not a Zack Snyder movie. But not only that their saved the world,they hate human things,they chage look when they are killed(doctor who anyone)boast a lot and be d**kheads to other each. Amethyst: you just been Garnett. Preal:your not a mistake,your a byproduct of a mistake Amethyst:hey,your still fun to hang around even if your gem is unless. Garnett:no dinner for a 1,000 years Preal:what to you know,you never meet her Garnett:I thought violence was the answer. Amethyst:every was perfect until she came. Un they are supposed to be a team,right? See a show with devil may cry actions scenes,voice actors that are mostly black or Asian*not being racist*, the weekend songs parodies, villains that barely show up, the worse fan base since my little pony, anime based animation that gives totally spies a run for it money,and one of the most darkest thing in a kids show....... Sex jokes: (shows cilp from giant woman of Amethyst Dancing) amethyst:it ok I seen you junk before Preal:why are they still dancing,it didn't work Garrett:it work.they fused. Steven: onion,is this you being born? Sapphire:stop it ruby,Steven looking. Rose:how you even fall in love with a human. Greg:yeah,it a torture. And you thought that scene from teen titans go was disturbing Staring..... The Jackson five(Steven) Little mac(Garnett) A rejected final fantasy character(preal.) Nicki Minaj(Amethyst) Human Richard waterson(greg) Squidwrd(lars) A blonde Midget(Sadie) Kingdom hearts bosses(corrupted gems) Gay Simba(lion) eye of cthulhu(the red eye) McDonalds(the fryman family) That girl from the last of us(Connie) LL cool j(mr.smilely/ Saints row:gat outta hell(onion) Salmon fishing in the yamon(yellowtail) DJ nasty(sour cream) Donald trump(mayor dewy) Deviantart(beck dewy) A black guy(mr pizza) A Asian guy(grandma) Supermodels(kiki,and jenny) Postman pat(jamie) The other mailman(Sadie' mom) Rain from moral kombat(lapis) General hospital(Connie's mom) Rush hour(Connie's dad) pyramid head(peridot) cheetos(japer) Shan khan(yellow diamond) Attack on titans:gem fusions) The matrix(kindergarten) Korra X Asami(ruby and sapphire) Lurious Lyon(Greg's manger) Mad max(vilada) And Sarah Connor(rose) tumblr :the animated series You know they is one I don get ,if Greg hate magic stuff than why did he let his son live with the crystal gems in the first place
  11. Just think about it Warner Bros now owns Mortal Kombat,plus the last Cartoon Network game was pretty bad from what I heard,so mk and cn will make a perfect fit(beside who does not garret vs scorpion).
  12. Shows that were around before 2010 like swat cats,or shows that now on like Steven universe something like that
  13. If there was kid show(s)that you think should have a Film Adaptation what which it be
  14. blackhammer


    Here is an idea of a show I working on.i hope you like it http://devantartiser.deviantart.com/gallery/54511173/cartoons-ideas
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