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  1. Sadly no physical of kh3... Yet. but thank you. I'll see if I can find it.
  2. OST can be preorder on iTunes already! 😭 Nachtflügel 💙 Can someone else confirm that this is the whole soundtrack? Or theres the other one with the complete OST that come after this one. Since this only KH3 2.8 Ux Will Kh1 Kh2 BBS and the others be coming out?
  3. I would transfer but I love being a dandelion
  4. I'm not gonna say anything cause everything I say to you bothers you or it's not true Just wait till it come out
  5. The reshoots with the joker are from an original scene from Zack's JL I dont want to say it but it involves the same scenario as the ending of the JL theater with Lex and Death
  6. What union are you guys @hawk222_1550644792 I'm pretty active on my group but only like 5 of us are the one pulling the team.
  7. Short people can throw other short people ahaha
  8. Not just kh3 but most kingdom hearts It's sad. I feel bad for my bro everglow It's just I'm confused. I want a physical copy, but there isn't one for US. But theres been preorders already and the digital version will be purchased from square or the MOM website?
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