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  1. @Inçendyne thanks but man it took 5 mins each round These are good traits for roxas?
  2. HMK really gonna kill the hype for the future games... I search up Verum Rex on YouTube and guess what, Cloud will be back on qUaDrAtUm. Really? And the comments are so funny, "You are so right I can't wait to see it happen" what if Verum Rex doesn't even acknowledge final fantasy? Seriously the HYPE is gonna kill the future. I'm just saying that whatever he thinks he wants, his followers will believe, and they expect it in the game, but if it doesn't happen they get mad at the game becuase it didn't meet their expectations from HMK... I'm glad gamersjoint moved on from this. But HMK. Good luck.
  3. They want us to waist our jewels Was it for the old medals to upgrade?
  4. @ I've seen these people before
  5. @phoenixmiko_1555111295
  6. Hopefully we see it in the next phase, I doubt he will leave characters without any more development
  7. Wait does anyone know where and what Nomura is doing???
  8. Sora for smash... better be careful what you say
  9. @phoenixmiko_1555111295 Nomura approves
  10. What already? Ima check Aha from the dev team with love Thanks I guess 1k jewels would have been better
  11. Yep but at a cost for another great medal especially if it has the best traits The bbs trio RN was VIP right? I feel like that's the best one for uprights
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