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  1. Same @Inçendyne i want that for my vanitas
  2. I read somewhere "I am fully prepared for riku and kairi to team up to search for their missing boyfriend"
  3. I appreciate the love tho
  4. Thanks @Yessie Maltese_1550205623
  5. @"Im a Also-Ran just like Xion"
  6. So far... Might or might not finish today.
  7. I used Ventus keyblade worked like a charm... also I want that rage form
  8. Took me 5 hours cant finish yet cuase the hair and his shoes are giving me problems. Not coming out like Nomura's style...
  9. Hair and shoes are giving me a trouble
  10. It looks great the face is clear and the shading is nice
  11. I love how you blend the colors @moon☁
  12. Yeah well I'm done with this. I'll return when they release MoM a nice break. This guy can't stop tho. Always rambling out of his butt and always pushing what he wants for the series. It's more sad that its 10 mins and 16 secs. Just to hit the mark to be monetized. I get it. It's his job but dude you are milking it at this point.
  13. I'm done I can't even search up kingdom hearts content without being reccomend his videos...
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