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  1. Now we need a Vanitas VO or mod and we have a playable Vanitas
  2. This right here 🥺 Nomuras Nobodies Sora and kairi forever 😢
  3. But it's more of what we discussed about... yet its fan art so... Nvm it's cool. I thought it was cute
  4. I cant share #fanart because I assume its spoilers so can I post something I saw on Twitter here related to ux
  5. https://tenor.com/view/sad-crying-spiderman-cry-face-ugly-face-gif-5701170 DARKNESS No it's that they are not Disney Worlds
  6. I just realized that ima get a ps5 just for an exclusive game... and if the next kh game comes out on the ps5... other than that I'm consider PC
  7. Although we do need explanation of the
  8. Let's not get into that, Nomura might change it... Let's not get more confused then we already are
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