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  1. thought u could cancel digital preorders said so on their website
  2. can u not preorder then cancel if u dont like demo that would make sense for them
  3. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Uhzr08RquPA/maxresdefault.jpg xemnas looks different
  4. with all the hype around it they still decided to keep the price lower than 60$ which is really nice
  5. is fantastical in the same category as cartoony and realistic or am i understanding this wrong
  6. yeah thats why i wanna see it in motion right is like better quality wise ? but idk looks weird maybe a bad choice of screen
  7. maybe looks better inmotion
  8. he'd rather die than sing and dance so Ven did what he does best murdered him and dragging him
  9. its really the "out of a magic hat" aspect that bothers me
  10. aqua could be the most powerful mage to ever exist i still dont think that power made sense if u have something like that why not use it on your literal friends that got battered like in the end i know why it exists its to make kairi ending up in destiny islands make sense and thats it but its just done weirdly
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