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  1. damn that's really really firetrucked up
  2. people really need a game like Cyberpunk right now and after it went gold the hype went up like mad
  3. many of these devs are probably WFH too so it must be hell having to deal with these upper level decisions and crunch time think Project Red already took a hit with this delay
  4. Cyberpunk i feel like every couple of weeks we hear of the delay
  5. right? there was the one but that was like, a month
  6. im with Kye on this one, im glad they're being transparent but it seems like delay after delay haha
  7. Ah the hardest thing as I play this demo more is my R1 lol I forget I need to tap that too I am also guilty of sitting on the title screen for 20 minutes cause in jamming and admiring that sick key art
  8. So what's the actual point of crafting minus the Stat wards??
  9. Tap tap tap tap tap Glide Tap tap tap tap GLIDEEEEEE that's gonna be the intro
  10. it will take time and practice it's not like other KH where your previous skills will carry over so it's gonna be fresh
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