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  1. Yeah that's what I do And the 10K is super easy cause rank 4 is actually a good grind too Especially when you don't need a cure so you can focus on attacking
  2. Sometime in fall I'm so used to saying no one knows haha My b
  3. @anqelichuu__ alright final warning Talk in words or I'll give you a hard warning
  4. See my RPG name is always Zylen He's my OC generic RPG guy Idk what I'd even have him look like lol But heterochromia would be lit Maybe not silver hair
  5. Itd be me if anything haha But I ain't creative enough to make a model
  6. No more than a hundred or so actually At least somewhat popular onea
  7. Hey its me here to shill how much I love Masahashi Hamauzu
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