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  1. Have ya considered contacting square support at this point lol?
  2. More so metaphorical It's a hodgepodge of old school FF philosophy and Disney lessons
  3. Yeah it's metaphorical for that So when they tell Sora that he'll be the one, he's gonna be the one to be the beacon of light and bring back the light to the world's filled with darkness In order to do so however, one has to look within their own heart and soul and find the light within them That how I've always understood it In the sense of KH, the balance is always of and skewed to darkness so you have to open the door to light to reset the balance
  4. Thanks for the sentiment tho! I appreciate it! :pikaheart:
  5. I mean I'd prefer we didn't start them haha We don't have so much activity that we really benefit from them
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