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  1. even without the whole firetruck thing, just the grit that Jack brings would be soo cool to see clash with Sora like, he could be the modern post game fight instead of Sephy and it'd make sense too if you know the ending of SoP
  2. hmm it should still be kh!help yeah maybe @SoraAlfheim could help with that?
  3. @Phazon W for the last time, you do not need to double post in channels
  4. One of the problems of using an in house engine is that it takes a good while to optimize if you take the time to do so (Falcom has the same issues with their games and optimization) you get a lot of control and leeway to make things how you want it and whatnot but it's a steep uphill
  5. KH3 was supposed to be that, but then they switched to UE4
  6. hmmm now that would have been interesting, but i wonder how they'd fit that in with how Skoll came to be at the end of the world
  7. mmmmmmmmm that's a bit more political than i personally like for a KH server @Snakeskin94_1642611873
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