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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. arguably it's probably could it was lore dumped on you in the last 2 hours of the game so you get it all in one plate Ansem went back to Kh1 after he comes into research with Ansem the Wise As for the incarnation... i actually dont know off the top of my head right now yes
  2. again it's fine if it is for you but it's how you word your complaints that makes it a dealio
  3. silly people , imagine thinking you'll understand the lore of a JRPG in a single playthrough only on it's cutscenes by that logic let me just beat every dark souls boss on my first try just by reading the controls or multiple playthroughs DDD might not be the best bit of JRPG lore ever, but by time 2/3 it really does begin to make sense hell even more so now after KH3 but no my apologies, it all got ruined cause time travel almost as if KH is one big story LOL :kekw: in all seriousness tho, it's one thing to be annoyed after making an attempt to read the reports and see the dialogue a few times but some of these complaints are just... ugh why even complain. It's a JRPG, the main point of the genre is an in depth world lore and story sure not all go as many games as KH but like, it's still a key point of the genre
  4. he still is a villain for trying to cause another Keyblade war and affect the worlds at hand but the warriors of light also dont get much help here with their lines cause it makes it almost seem like they are 100% light too which was Eraqus' downfall bright =/= 100% light it's because people dont realize that KH has a bit more meaning when it comes to light and dark beyond the far light and the far dark. i.e the reports and meaning behind intentions of their dialogue
  5. it comes off weird because of how his lines are, but the reports more or less tell you that it's the same
  6. https://www.wallpaperup.com/uploads/wallpapers/2014/01/30/243785/c25c3123c0ddfd4a0ecccaa05d000c8b-700.jpg
  7. it's the same just worded differently he still wants to see the outcome of the keyblade war again AND see what the worlds were like at the beginning, when light and darkness were in pure harmony
  8. yep which became medals which now become these cards but slightly different each time imagine having played all 4 years and paid for all these medals
  9. i just hope they try and make it more fair than UX
  10. oh no but if you did play, you have advantage
  11. Soken does amazing On par if not better than Hamauzu Lots of power players beyond Nubuo and Yoko
  12. I think I still have KH1 somewhere
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