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[5-17-18] v2.6.0 Update Preview, Keyblade Challenge, Captain Goofy Avatar Boards

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More content of the upcoming Version 2.6.0 update--set to release May 25th (PT)--has been detailed! 


Regarding 7* medals:

  • all medals (except for synthesis and Munny medals) can be evolved to 7* rarity
  • evolving a medal to 7* rarity strengthens its stats and Special Attack
  • to evolve a 6* medal to 7*: the medal must be at max Level, max Guilt, and the player must have the necessary Evolve medals

Regarding subslots:

  • subslots will be added to each Keyblade
  • equipping medals to the subslots can increase the Keyblade's slot multipliers
  • only 7* medals can be equipped to these subslots

Regarding the Story Quest skip feature:

  • after completing a Main Story quest, all quests in the same questline will be automatically unlocked
  • some quests cannot be skipped
  • this does not apply to Proud Mode

Until May 23rd at 23:59 PT, the Keyblade Challenge Event is being held! Use the Three Wishes, Sleeping Lion, and Darkgnaw Keyblades to clear these 15 quests for rewards such as a Power, Speed, and Magic Gem! These quests require the use of a certain Keyblade and partner medals cannot be used, but otherwise there are no deck restrictions.


Until May 28th at 23:59 PT, the Captain Goofy avatar boards will be open for 2500 Jewels each:



Avatar Parts


Captain Goofy

Captain Goofy: Helm (Item Drop Perk +3)

Captain Goofy: Gauntlets



Captain Goofy

Captain Goofy: Helm (Item Drop Perk +3)

Captain Goofy: Gauntlets



 6★ Chip x 2

 6★ Dale x 1

 6★ Cid 10 x 2

 6★ Magic Mirror x 5

 5★ Magic Broom x 3



 ATK B VI Max & GA 2 x 1 (6★ Scrooge)

 ATK B V Max & Lux++ x 1 (6★ Scrooge)

 Defense Boost IV x 1 (6★ Scrooge)



 Magic Gem x 1




Images from this update can be viewed below. Are you looking forward to the release of v2.6.0?

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