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The Road to Kingdom Hearts III - A documentary by KH13 | feat. KZXcellent, Aaron from Blind Wave, KeybladeSarah, and more.

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KH13 are proud to announce "The Road to Kingdom Hearts III", a documentary about Kingdom Hearts and our community!

Organized by KH13's HaakonHawk, and in collaboration with content creators KeybladeSarah, KZXcellent and more, this 45 minutes film will take you on a trip through the history of Kingdom Hearts leading up to the release of the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. Starting with the first game's inception, then moving over to how the franchise director Tetsuya Nomura got involved, the famous elevator story, character licensing, voice actors, the announcement of Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2013, and much much more.

For each topic, we'll feature various content creators known within the Kingdom Hearts community, where they will tell us about their experiences with the game and how it has affected them. We hope you'll tune in when it premieres on KH13's Youtube channel on January 19. 2019. You can watch the official trailer for the documentary below.

Alongside the two people mentioned above, the cast also includes 6 other amazing creators!


"Please be excited!" - Shinji Hashimoto

The documentary is being directed and produced by KH13's HaakonHawk and co-produced by Billy Lawrence. Below you can find some useful links if you want to know more about the project before its debut.

Official Website & IMDB

And if you want to stay updated on the project up until release, you can follow their Twitter @RoadToKH or you can join KH13's official Discord and ask questions directly to the films Director and Co-Producer >


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