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If there will be free KH3 updates...

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Please, PLEEEEASEE, I want them to replace the battle theme of the 12 Xehanorts with that amazing Scala Ad Caelum theme. Oh, and reduce the amount of times characters mention the ingredients...

What would you guys want that's not considered DLC or stuff like that?

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- The ability to turn off attractions or even just the music change. And reduce the appearance of the green circle or the time it stays on an enemy.

- Reduce magic damage or introduce a stat limit like in KH2 so bosses don't die too fast

- Increase the reach of the situation command for Moogles and chests so you don't use attacks instead of interacting with them.

- Make Links usable with a non-full MP bar, but not heal party members, so the player is more inclined to use them.

- Introduce a chest sonar that can be purchased/synthesised that once activated will chime stronger the more you approach a chest then disappear when you open one.

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