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Kingdom Hearts Union x [Cross] Global August schedule

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The August schedule for the global version Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] has been posted. During August, the Summer Festival event will be held along with the screen debut event for Bambi and the 5-Year Anniversary Countdown Event for the Japan version. Also a story/proud mode update will be available during the month as well as a event for the Disney/Pixar film Onward. You can view the schedule below. *Dates are scheduled to change

- Aug. ?, 2020:
・Surprise Event
*A surprise one day limited event will pop-up on various days all throughout August!

- Aug. 3, 2020:
・Chasm Of Challenges!

- Aug. 4, 2020:
・Deluxe PvP Rewards!

- Aug. 7, 2020:
・3 Day limited Union Challenge!

- Aug. 10, 2020:
・Strong Boss Battle!
・Returning Scenario Event!
・Deluxe LUX Ranking
・Union Cross Summer Festival!

- Aug. 13, 2020:
・Bambi Screen Debut Event!

- Aug. 17, 2020:
・Defeating Boss Event!
・Deluxe Union Cross Rewards

- Aug. 21, 2020:
・Onward Event

- Aug. 24, 2020:
・Big Bonus Challenge
*Receive up to 5,000 jewels!
・High Score Challenge
・Gems Drop Raid Event

- Aug. 25, 2020:
・Deluxe PvP Rewards!(Gems)

- Aug. 29, 2020:
・KHUX JP Version 5 Year Anniversary Countdown Event!

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