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Ichiban Kuji Kingdom Hearts ~ Second Memory ~ prizes revealed; plushies, keychains, notebooks and more

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The Ichiban Kuji  Kingdom Hearts~ Second Memory ~lottery prizes have been revealed on their official site!

You can view each of the prizes via our gallery below:


The prize descriptions are as follows: (thanks to our team's Ryuji for the translations)

Prize A: Sora & Roxas Statue - A 15cm statue depicting Sora and Roxas. Great for putting on your desk or shelf!

Prize B: Mickey & Sora Plushies - Soft plushies of Sora and Mickey. You can choose between two variants of Mickey (with or without coat) and Sora. 

Prize C: Stained Glass Art Carpet - A rug mat carpet of approx. 60 cm, with the design of the Stained Glass that appears in Kingdom Hearts. Great for putting in your home!

Prize D: Keyblade Tableware - A set of fork and spoon cutlery that's shaped like a Keyblade. Eat your favorite dishes with these!

Prize E: Mini Canvas Board - A mini canvas with artwork from the Kingdom Hearts series. There are 8 different variants, so do your best to collect them all! Each canvas has a size of 15 cm. 

Prize F: Spiral Notebook - A 18cm spiral notebook with a cover depicting art from the Kingdom Hearts series. Jot down important notes on these notebooks.

Prize G: Small Keyholder Chains - With 10 varieties, give your keys an extra charm! …Quite literally. These charms have 5.5 cm and feature all sorts of Keyblades from the Kingdom Hearts series.

LAST-PRIZE: Axel and Roxas Statue - A 17cm statue of Axel and Roxas. This prize can only  be obtained after the aforementioned prizes above run out of stock. (i.e. once prizes A~G are all claimed, the person who buys the Ichiban Kuji will receive this statue.)

Thanks to aibo_ac7 for the tip!

What are your thoughts on some of these new products? Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: (10/5/2020) Select Ichiban Kuji ~ Second Memory ~products are available for purchase from Aitai Kuji!

The purchasable items are:

Roxas and Axel figure - ¥8,500 (Approximately $77.35)

 Sora and Roxas figure - ¥7,500 (Approximately $68.25)

 Sora plush - ¥6,500 (Approximately $59.15)

 Mickey plush - ¥5,000 (Approximately $45.50)

 Mickey Organization XIII plush  - ¥5,000 (Approximately $45.50)

Kingdom Hearts themed Rug - ¥8,000 (Approximately $72.80)

You can also partake in the Ichiban Kuji lottery game on Aitai Kuji, for ¥1,300! (Approximately $11.83)

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