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Where do you find Kingdom Hearts Merch in Japan nowadays?

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Hi everyone, 

I am going to Japan at the end of the year and I was just wondering where I could find Kingdom Hearts Merch. I remember a decade ago, the Square Enix cafe was the go to for Kingdom Hearts stuff but googling it has given me vague results. Is it still active?

Is there a physical Square Enix store where I can see the actual products? The things that I want are basically the stuff on the online store, like licensed jewellery etc. I don't mind having plushies and figures as well. 
Is my best bet ordering things online from Aitai Kuji, or the Square Enix online store? Have people found physical stores in Japan where they sell KH stuff, is it just basically Akihabara where all the games and anime are cause I'd much have a physical store to walk into.

I know there are pop up stores that sell exclusive stuff but I don't want to rely on seasonality and luck to attain them.

Help would be very much appreciated. thx (❁´◡`❁)

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