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THE0RY: Death Note takes place in the Saiki K universe (ACU)

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Crack theory?????? Death note takes place in the same universe as Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Several points:

1. In episode 2 of Saiki, Saiki states that he changed DNA and mind controls people into thinking non-natural colors are natural. Clear proof is Mello and Ryuk (Ryuk's hair is slightly tinted blue don't @ me)

2. Saiki transferred his consciousness into Light's balls, it happens when Light touches the Death Note .  Light is Saiki

3. They both start out while they are high schoolers

4. If you rearrange the letters, some of them will be the other's name (Shuichi Aso <-> Tsugumi Ohba)

5. You take the years of when the animes came out (2016 for saiki and 2006 for death note), subtract them and you get 10. 10 is the letters in both Death Noote and Saiki Kusuo!

6. Cause I said so, you just gotta be enlightened like M3!

Real Proof right here fellas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Isayama Hajime





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