Pocket Monsters of Organization XIII: Master Xehanort

Hi! Despite being a KH fan for a long time, any art tributes from me are rare and far between due to my particular lack of interest to draw human characters so what I did to fix that? Mixing two franchises I'm fond of. So yeah some rushed yet thought out designs of each member of this intriguing Organization


Master Xehanort:

The old fart, we can all agree he's one heck of a clever pain in the butt. And despite his old age, he still can kick butt. So since he's a force to be reckoned I've thought, maybe he could be an insanely powerful mon? And since he's breaking so many nature laws as screwing up time, how about the messes with Mega Evolution logic and turns to be a permanent one? Like a Mega Tyranitar!

I picked Tyranitar cuz it's not necessarily a cuddleble thing, the pokedex likes to give it a bad name and it's insanely powerful. And the mega form who has those spikes in the back, does resemble a X as he's so obsessed about. Oh and the shiny coloration, actually I've thought nah he's not shiny, just losing its coloration cuz old. Yup.

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