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    ive got a roxas figure and play arts of sora and jack skelliington i wouldnt mind getting more but i tend to mostly buy amiibos these days
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    I'm super excited for the Pokemon in this game! Hopefully all the new designs are as adorable and badass as the one's shown so far!
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    I currently own a KHIII Bring Arts Sora, two mystery mini figurines which are King Mickey and Halloween Town Sora, a Jack Skellington Domez and a KHII Sora Funko! I obviously plan on collecting more in the future!
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    Since the mention of new Kingdom Hearts figurines are all over the news, I thought it would be interesting to ask you guys how many figurines you have! I know many of us on the social media team have quite a few, and we have someone in the news department who is a full-blown collector of them. So, we wanted to ask you guys--do you guys collect Kingdom Hearts figurines and statues? How many do you guys have? If you want, let us know which ones are your favorites down below!
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    Super excited to get these. It's great that now they're finally making figures of characters other than Sora and Riku. I'm excited to have both the Destiny Trio and the Clocktower Trio, now I just hope for the Wayfinder Trio to be announced.
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    Pokemon Sword and Shield

    It looks like an evolution of Slurpuff.
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    Post a picture of yourself!

    Hi guys!!!! I miss you! lol So in my absence I have done a lot more cosplay How have you all been!? This is Lolita by the way! I may have rebranded myself lol You all look amazing as always by the way! I can't promise I will visit this site often but i'm always on Instagram if any old friends wanna catch up Seriously though I miss you guys! I wish I had time to visit this site more, but work and school must come first ^^
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    Namine's Origin

    Algology accepted. I'm glad we came to understand each other. But yeah there is definitely more to look into with this series. This isn't just a hunch. I'm actually inspired by Nomura's own words. I address this in the follow up video. If you skip to 41:38 I actually show some of nomura's quotes showing why it is actually expected for us to look into the deeper meaning of things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zbh9P6tfVc&t=2498s
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    I do miss it though. I have heard that there are some fans that ran a project to recreate FusionFall just like there are for ToonTown.
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    That urban town is literally Shibuya from the Secret Ending. The clock tower is the NTT DoCoMo Yoyogi building next to the train station in Shibuya
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    One more thing, they keep calling the era of KH UX as the "Fairytales era"; but how is that different from nowadays? I mean, in BbS, the first trio (Terra, Aqua and Ventus) traveled through the worlds of Cinderella, Aurora and Snow White. In his first journeys, Sora traveled through Agrabah, Wonderland and Best's Castle. And in his last journey, Sora visited Arendelle, Coronaand Olympus. How is this any different from the era of KH: UX? I'll say the "Fairytales era" still continues.
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    Roxas Tattoo

    lol thanks, he did an amazing job drawing and applying it luckily my tattooist is a gamer too so he had a lot of fun with it as well. The outline was a 2 hour session and was about $200 and then the color was about 3.5 hours for $300
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    The closest world we've seen on that urban scale is Traverse Town (Twilight Town's station clock tower stood out for how it was the tallest structure in Twilight Town), and that doesn't match the style of the city on KH3's cover. It's a distinctly modern city, of the glass and steel variety (there's a metal structure on the top right just above Donald, who's sitting on a ladder) and we haven't seen anything like it, be it a Kingdom Hearts original or Disney world. While The World That Never Was has a modern look, the color tone is much darker and we didn't see a clock tower, plus metal isn't an obvious feature on the exteriors. The World That Never Was is pretty much done with anyway, after the defeat of the first Organisation and the final end of Xemnas and the Real Organisation. Another notable absentee from the cover is the Darkling who acts as a gargoyle, who only is linked to the game proper if you interpret it as linked to the Union Cross cameo in the Keyblade Graveyard against the Demontower Tornado.
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    Well for one thing I think I feel like Thor's arc in the MCU is done just like Ironman, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, and Hawkeye. Even though I would've love to see a Ironman 4 or Captain America 4 starring Steve Rogers (because their much better characters imo), but after what Endgame did to the characters I feel like the six core characters are done with their arcs. Also I'm also ready to see new characters in the MCU. I'm very looking forward to see the new films Marvel Studios had in development, including Black Widow's solo film. Black Widow is a special case because she should've had her own movie along time ago. I want to see the MCU to take on new stories and new characters because I want something new and fresh after The Infinite Saga. And that is why I'm not interesting to watch Thor 4 because I'm ready to move on from the previous characters and see some new heroes in Phase 4 and beyond.
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    Right? From 2011... I thought it was embarrassing enough that someone actually reached out to someone from production, but it's so raucously unprofessional that it hurts - I guess that's par for the course for KH fandom.
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    I use Amazon but after watching John Oliver, I feel bad for the warehouse workers.
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