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    This is going to seem really random but it's been something that's actively been popping up for me and I've always felt a bit bad for not doing. About 6 or 7 years ago when I was a teenager I was a very active member on this site and I was part of an absolutely incredible community here full of wonderful people it's something I've never forgotten and something that had a profound effect on me and did help me get through a lot of shit for a couple of years just being able to come on and be part of something as close as this, I'm not sure if it's the same now but it used to be like a second family coming here. Just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much to anyone who remembers and to this site, it wasn't by choice that I had to drop off the site my internet was taken from me when I was about 17 and I've felt bad about falling out of it without saying anything ever since Thank you to anyone who was part of that community and the members I was closest too (especially Xiro, *rikku*, blue Keyblade, RoxSox, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone but the friends list feature wasn't there to check and make sure!) for being such a wonderful part of my teenage life : ) so glad to see this place still doing so well hope you're all still keeping and doing well! : )
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    Without FF I wouldn't have found or had interest in KH which I adore more than anything, and DQ is the only other one of those I've played (but I love it too, don't get me wrong) so FF wins by a mile. Nier might have changed things tho. Love those games.
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    I mean TWEWY isn’t a series, but I love it too much not to mention it? But for an actual series... Nier. If we count two games as a series. Love both games to bits and I’m super excited for the Nier Replicant remaster that just got announced! I like Final Fantasy a lot, too, but I haven’t played even half of the games so I feel like I don’t know the series well enough to judge. And it’s not special to me the same way TWEWY and Nier are.
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    FFVII alone would make it Final Fantasy, but if The World Ends With You was to continue and have a sequel, it would be that.
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    There are few videogames that I would buy new game systems for just to play them, and even then, I wouldn't keep buying new systems just to play the next game in the series. However, the Kingdom Hearts series is the only videogame series that I bought new game systems for, just so that I could play the next game in the series, even if I never bought another videogame for that game system. That's how much I love the Kingdom Hearts series. I got into Kingdom Hearts because of my love of Disney, and while the inclusion of Disney worlds and Disney characters is still one of the main things that I love about Kingdom Hearts, I now love it equally, if not more so, for the original characters and original story. Is it perfect? No. But, in a weird way, its imperfections are part of what makes it Kingdom Hearts. So, I love Kingdom Hearts, warts and all.
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    Happy Birthday, Kingdom Hearts! To think, while I first heard about it through DDD in a Nintendo Power issue when it was still new, I would become a fan in 2015 simply by remembering the series by hearing I’d be going to Disneyland for Memorial Day weekend.
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    This is honestly just my all time favourite video game series ever too. there really is no other series quite like this one and if it wasn't for the Disney factor there's no way this series could ever work I don't think. but I just wish final fantasy had played a most integral part of the series overall but I'm fine with it's main inclusion being in the earlier games. my expectations and hype for kh3 were definitely through the roof and really was a rollercoaster of ride before the game released. it really was all worth it in the end of and I can't wait to see where the series go next. especially with the release of KH3 remind which I thought was absolutely phenomenal!
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    This is my favorite video game franchise so I'm very happy to celebrate it's anniversary. I can't wait to see what's next in this insane series.
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    Uh, I guess Stitch...? But I have to confess I barely use summons. I’m one of those people who tend to forget they even exist. I quess they’d be useful if used properly, but I just never bothered to learn.
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    In my early playthroughs, Genie was the only summon I ever used. I never realised how useful Chicken Little was until I didn't use his FPS mode attack. After realising that, I used him quite a bit, particularly for level grinding and stuff. But I also love how I can basically spam magic attacks when Stitch is around, which is fun. So naturally, my final answer is Peter Pan.
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