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Kingdom Hearts coded, The Light in Chaos impressions.


Lissar from Kingdom Hearts Insider has translated an Episode 2 summary of Kingdom Hearts coded, supplied by The Light in Chaos. This contains a complete description of the events of Coded's second episode, which was released earlier in July. You can read the translation below.

It starts with a movie summarizing the previous episode.
Then there is a movie scene from the end of the last episode, and you arrive in Traverse Town.
Pluto wakes up Sora by licking his face. Sora goes to find out if the island is safe while trying to solve Traverse Town’s problem.

Large Updates

You can now use the moogle synthesis shop.
The moogle in front of the cafe in First District will go into a synthesis tutorial. When you talk with him he will give you two materials to synth. (First time only.)
You can now sometimes get a Debug Prize from Bugs.
There will be a Moogle at every save point. Also, at the Second District save point a Moogle will come and talk to you, giving you the Avatar Item “First town wallpaper.” (First time only.)
The ability Huey found’s name will change into “Guard Counter.” (First time only.)
You with go into Area Debug Mode in a battle with a Bug Snake. The time limit is three minutes. The amount of VP you gain will be lowered.
The accessory you got from Cid when you went to look for Luey changes into “Attack Chain.” You will no longer have the Protect Chain.
In Area Debug Mode with dividing Bugs, flashing Bugs will no longer appear. So you will longer take damage in this type of Area Debug Mode.
You will now have normal encounters in Third District.
You will chase a strange man, and when you return to First District there will be an Area Debug Mode fight. The time limit is three minutes.
Depending on how quickly you are able to finish the fight you will receive certain items. (For example if you finish within one minute you will get a different item.)
If you rescue Luey you will go into Area Debug Mode on the second floor.
In boss stages the map telling you where you are or where you should go are gone.
If you get game over in a boss stage you can only choose to start over from the same stage or go into the world map. But you can open your menu and change around your items and abilities.
The ability you can get from finishing the episodes name changes to “D Thunder.”

You will get certain items by rank received after defeating the boss.

C Rank ~39999Pt - Synth Material “??? Powder +”
B Rank 40000 ~ 49999 - Synth Material “??? Shard”
A Rank 50000 ~ 59999 - Ability “Auto Reload” (First time only.) Item “Kupo Nut” (Second time onwards.)
S Rank 60000Pt~ Avatar Item “First Town’s Carpet (L)” (First time only.) “??? Gem” (Second time onwards.)

After you’ve finished the story, a movie will play showing the Bugs disappearing from Traverse Town. It is shown that “A new power begins to awaken” in Sora. Then, at Disney Castle shadows appear. Of course thanks to King Mickey they were able to get away, but will we now know how they got locked in when they went to tell the residents...?

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