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January Merch Round-Up: Mugs, Backpacks, and Clothing


Wanting to buy more Kingdom Hearts merchandise with the release of Re Mind? Welcome to KH13.com's January merch round-up! We have a few items that you may like to see.

Looking for something to keep your stuff in? Loungefly is selling a backpack, a passport bag, and a pouch. Each item is printed with the three Keyblades of the Destiny Trio: Kingdom Key, Braveheart, and Destiny's Embrace. The backpack will cost $50 while the passport bag will cost $25 and the pouch will cost $10


Do you want to add what could be the best Kingdom Hearts shirt to your collection? PacSun is selling a new t-shirt for $25.  This t-shirt has Kingdom Hearts II Final Form Sora, Black Coat Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Kingdom Hearts III Kairi and Ansem Seeker of Darkness. 

Need a new travel mug for those long journeys? Target is selling a 20 oz. travel mug for $17.99. This mug has an emblem that contains two Kingdom Keys crossing together, a crown, the Nobody symbol, the Heartless symbol, and the Heart as well as the well known phrase "May your heart be your guiding key". 

Thanks to @churroz for the tips!

That is all for this month's merch round-up. Which one(s) will you want to pick up? Let us know in the comments below!

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