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KH13's October Merch Round-up: New clothing, travel accessories, home decor and more

October is approaching its end and an abundance of Kingdom Hearts merchandise has been released over the course of this month!

Hot Topic has updated their site with a few new pieces of Kingdom Hearts merchandise! 

First up is a Kingdom Hearts Icon Grid Pajama Pants made up of 100% cotton. The pants design features a variety of Mickey Mouse heads, crowns, keys and hearts. It is available for $19.90.

Additionally from Hot Topic is a Kingdom Hearts III Watercolour Papou T-Shirt. It is made of 100% cotton and features the beautiful Kingdom Hearts III title screen art. Its price ranges from $22.90 to $26.90 depending on the size chosen. 

Lastly from Hot Topic is a Kingdom Hearts Sora Black and White Water Bottle. Weighing in at 16 oz, it features a flip top alongside a carrying handle with Sora in his Kingdom Hearts III attire. 

Target has released some rather unique merchandise as well.

First off is a Kingdom Hearts Collector's Box featuring an impressive number of items. A hat, pair of gloves, scarf, keychain and other merchandise come with this box. It is priced at $29.99 and seems to be low on stock so grab it while you can!

Target has also released a new Kingdom Hearts Wall Banner featuring Sora, Riku and King Mickey. Priced at $8.99, this "60 x 20" polyester banner is a steal for its incredible art!

Gamestop has revealed some new items as well with Kingdom Hearts Sora Slides being one of them. It is currently on sale for $0.97 with $9.97 being its base price so be sure to grab it soon if you're interested!


Formerly a Gamestop exclusive, but now being in shops in March 25th, 2020, is a Diamond Select Toys Maleficent Diorama Figure. This impressive figure is 11 inches tall and features Maleficent surrounded by Soldier heartless below her. 

Entertainment Earth has a plethora of new items announced as well. They have a Kingdom Hearts Mickey Mini Backpack priced at $75.00 and available for pre-order for its scheduled November 2019 release.

Next up is a Kingdom Hearts Mickey Key Crossbody Purse for $68.00 and is available for pre-order for its scheduled December 2019 release. 

Lastly of these three Mickey items is a Kingdom Hearts Mickey Card Holder priced at $20.00 and is available for pre-order for its scheduled November 2019 release.  

Our final featured product from Entertainment Earth this month is a Kingdom Hearts III Logo with Keyblade Pocket Watch. This remarkable item is now available for $22.99.


Spirit Halloween has released a polyester and plastic Sora and Necklace Glove Kit for $19.99. The necklace especially looks rather impressive!

Our final piece of merchandise for this packed month are Kingdom Hearts Crown Slipper Socks from Box Lunch. These stylish socks are 60% polyester, 40% acrylic and priced at $14.90.

 That does it for October's Kingdom Hearts merchandise round-up! Huge thanks to Churro for the constant and consistent alerting of all of this merchandise!

Are you planning on picking up any of these items and if so, which ones? 

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