Kingdom Hearts III demo will be playable at Brazil Game Show 2018


For fans attending Brazil Game Show 2018 from October 10th to the 14th, Kingdom Hearts III will be making a playable appearance at that expo! As with other events where Kingdom Hearts III has been playable, this event will give fans a taste of Mt. Olympus and Toy Box as part of the Kingdom Hearts III Premium Showcase.


No word has been said about Square Enix handing out tickets with scheduled times to play. If previous events are any indication, though, fans should get to the Square Enix booth as soon as they can, to ensure that they do not miss out!


Update[October 10th, 2018]: The Square Enix booth will be giving out Kingdom Hearts III posters featuring the cover art for playing the demo! Thanks to @_SnowExpress for the tip!







Are you going to BGS 2018, and will you be playing Kingdom Hearts III? Have you had the opportunity to play the Kingdom Hearts III demo already? Let us know in the comments!

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