Kingdom Hearts Latter April-May Merchandise Roundup: Cosplay Wallets, Necklaces, and More!


Welcome to KH13’s roundup of all the latest merchandise revealed from the latter half of April up to the present. Check out pictures of the new merchandise below!


download (2)


First, Hot Topic introduced a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade key chain. You can purchase this for $7.12 with their current 20% discount!


knnu kingdom hearts cosplay wallet


The rest of the items are from ThinkGeek starting with their

Kingdom Hearts cosplay wallets! Each are stylized in the form of either Riku or Sora’s costume. Each one costs $19.99.

kook kingdom hearts roxas necklace

kmsl kingdom hearts sora necklace


Their other items include a Kingdom Hearts Roxas cosplay necklace ($14.99), a Keyblade Master cuff bracelet, a heartless cuff bracelet, and a Sora cosplay necklace ($9.99).


kooh kingdom hearts keyblade cuff

kooj kingdom hearts heartless cuff

Both Keyblade Master/Heartless cuff bracelets can be bought for $14.99 each!

This concludes our latter half of April through May roundup covering the latest Kingdom Hearts merchandise! What are you most excited about getting? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks for sharing this with us, NihonScribe!


Wow, all this merch is looking beautiful! I particularly love the cosplay wallets and the cuff bracelets! They look amazing! X_X

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