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Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is confirmed to be coming overseas with new servers divided by language, testing already underway in North America


Yesterday, it was announced that a new Kingdom Hearts title known as Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is currently in development for Android and iOS, and will be released during 2015. The title is a port of the Japan-only web browser game, Kingdom Hearts χ[chi], and today appeared in the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly with a 6-page feature.


This feature includes an interview with the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, Tetsuya Nomura, where he confirms that Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ will be coming overseas, with testing already underway in North America. As a result of the testing, they have decided to change Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] cards into "medals", in order to appeal more to a Western audience.


The full translation of this interview question can be read below, thanks to our translator SkyKeybladeHero.

-- In [KHx], cards are used for the battle system, but in this game they have become medals?


Nomura: Since we are considering developing this game overseas, we have adjusted it accordingly. When our testing team in America had Smartphone users play it, if they saw cards as they appeared in [KHX], they tended to think of it as the so called "card games". Although after having they play it for a while we had good reactions, the first impression of the game wasn't good. Since the first impression of a game is very important, we tried something other than cards.


-- You are considering developing it overseas, but what about the server's configuration and segmentation?


Nomura: We plan on adding new servers. We are also taking into account the chatting element, so I think we will divide it by Language Versions.

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I can't help but feel like they're "dumbing it down" for American users because they let the wrong people test the game. They should let people who know about "card games" like Yu-Gi-Oh! and other games that use cards as "weapons", or at least know about Kingdom Hearts games test this! Also, I hope we're able to change Unions. I wanted to pick Unicornis as my Union, but when I saw Ursus's color was green, I picked it. But I just saw the Foreteller's Keyblade, and I've got a bad feeling because it reminds me too much of Terra's!

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I can't help but feel like they're "dumbing it down" for American 


And European, thank you very much. 


Google Play it'll be then.

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