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  1. Well it might not make sense but that's Square Enix for you. I'm not saying that its only going to come out in America, what i'm trying to say is that once Square Enix announces it for that country/territory then it will come out there, some countries have more than just English being used,some have multiple languages.Perhaps they have to translate more for those countries/territories. No one knows what they are planning on doing because they never talk to us about it, but according to what I am seeing, that's what is going to happen, but I must admit this is all my personal opinion/perspective.
  2. Well its only been Officially announced for the US (at E3) they even said "We're just announcing the Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key North American release at #E32015. Any availability elsewhere is still TBC." a lot of people seemed to ignore that message.And on the kingdom hearts YouTube account the announcement trailer is only in the US section and in the video description they said "KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ (read as Unchained “Key”), the first game in the KINGDOM HEARTS series to come to iOS and Android devices. It will be available as a free-to-play app (with in-app purchases) in North America." Now idk why people keep saying "international release" or "English release" when to me this just says that its going to come out for each country/territory when Square Enix announces it for them. BUT maybe its just me that sees this and perhaps I'm just being stupid and negative.
  3. Oh unchained X, oh unchained X I hope your out by Christmasssss

    1. Josuke Higashikata

      Josuke Higashikata

      Oh lea123, oh Lea123, how I agree with youuuuuuuuu!

  4. I hate the constant shipping, this game isn't meant to have romance in it ( and I personally don't want to see any romance in the game)
  5. dont you hate it when your trying to be optumistic about the North American version of Kh Unchained X and all of the odds are against you (Square Enix isnt saying anything at all about it)

  6. its all fun and games until the new kh3 trailer really isnt coming out tonight and it was a big lie

  7. that is what I have been saying! why would they release a U.S. or "international" version at an event in Japan, I'm still waiting for it though hopefully we get it soon
  8. I understand what you mean, I wish they would give us some information about the release too,but unfortunately Nomura hasnt said anything about it since the Japanese version came out
  9. Just wait for the game to come to your country, I'm waiting too and if we've made it this long then waiting for a bit longer wouldn't hurt right? now when it comes to North America our release is practically imminent (it could happen at any time) but as for the rest of the world I'm not sure
  10. Good evening everyone, I have a question for you guys so I am going on a field trip tomorrow and there is a 2 hour drive there and the thing is I'm conflicted on downloading KH unchained X on my phone because I want to be patient and wait for the North American version but I need something to do during the trip, so I need some opinions on what I should do, thanks in advance

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    2. Rinax


      Besides the answer you've already received, you need constant connection to the Internet to play.

    3. lea12345


      oh ive got data for that

    4. Rinax


      Ah. I would suggest you start on the Japanese version if you began when it was launched, but since the English version should be coming fairly soon, then maybe not.

  11. I think it should be out soon as I have been saying the release is imminent but what bothers me is the fact that since it came out in Japan we haven't heard another thing about it but hopefully it will be out soon
  12. Hopefully it will be out soon for North America, our release is practically imminent (but what worries me is that people from all over will just hop on and crash the servers like they did in Japan I already know its going to happen again)
  13. Now when It comes to Unchained X I see a lot of people talking about the "English version" now to clear this up for me are they talking about patiently waiting for it to come out in English for thier countries or are they talking about all jumping on the North American server and crashing it like they did the Japanese server?

  14. Its just like what Ven983 said they announced the Japanese release date on Twitter ( I think it was announced like a week before it came out too,but dont quote me on that btw can someone correct me if I'm wrong about this?) so they could end up announcing it on social media like they did with Japan
  15. This is what i've been saying like to be honest I feel that the release is imminent (it could happen at anytime) and im hoping for a release next month as I have theorized before if Japan got their announcement in May and got the game in September (4-5 months after annonucement) then since we over here in North America got our announcement in June ,I think its possible for us to get it in October( which would be 4-5 months after our announcement) now this is only my personal theory, and Its probably stupid and inaccurate anyway.
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