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Loungefly Funko Pop! Disney Kingdom Hearts Crossover Bag now available exclusively at Box Lunch; backpack coming soon


Loungefly has created a new Funko Pop! Disney Kingdom Hearts crossover bag. The bag is now available exclusively at Box Lunch for $59.90 but has a discount price of $47.92. You can view photos of it in the gallery below.

Loungefly has also made a new backpack with the same style. While no information of when and where it will be available, you can check out a first look of the backpack below. We will keep you posted when it will be available! (Thanks to @churroz for the photo)


What do you think of these items? Let us know in the comments below!

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Let’s look at this bag, it’s been up on the site for about 2-3 weeks. The actual strap for the bag connects to the top flap of the bag, so don’t put heavy things in there, it can cause the bag to lose magnetic grip with its connector. Just like the one loungefly made for Star Wars. The inside has is divided into 3 sections, that’s actually kinda cool but makes carrying my lotion and wipes impossible. Which really isn’t the worst thing. It has a white inside pattern with black “kingdom hearts” all over, which is cute. Over all, for what we get here in North America, this a great KH product. The wallet is kinda childish but goes great with the bag, it fits inside really well.


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