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[UPDATE] Bandai Spirit's Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Collection Vol.3 is now available for pre-order


The Big Bad Toy Store has started taking pre-orders for Bandai Spirit's Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Collection Vol.3! This collection includes Kingdom Key, Ultima Weapon, Bond of Flame, Photon Debugger, Circle of Life, and Monochrome. Similar to the past Kingdom Hearts Keyblade collections, the Keyblades are blind box items and there is no guarantee which one you will receive. The Big Bad Toy Store has set a release date of March 2020. The set can be pre-ordered for $59.99 USD and comes with a box of 6 Keyblades. Each Keyblade is approximately 6 cm long and features a charm attached to the chain. See the featured Keyblades below and pre-order the set of Keyblades here!

Thank you to Churro for the tip! 


UPDATE [Nov 2, 2019]: Pre-orders are also available through Aitai Kuji. Blind bags will be $7.00 each and the complete set will be $32.00. You can pre-order by clicking here (Blind Bag) or here (Complete Set). The release date is set for March 2020.

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