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  1. Cave pulled out a pokeball and threw it into the air and caught with the same hand. "Alright Elain, lets show em what you got." Cave said to himself. "ELAIN, GO!" The young master yelled as he threw the pokemon carrying his Garchomp, the pokemon roared as it entered the battlefield.
  2. *Already, lol? Alright how are we gonna battle this?" Cave turned to Sarah and gave her a hard look. Not because he was upset with her or nervous, but whenever he was about to battle he became a new person. He walked to where he was suppose to go and got mentally prepared for the first battle.
  3. "Alright, lets go." Cave said to his pachirisu, who chirped in response. Cave quickly joined with his fellow trainers and returned his pokemon back to its orb.
  4. *crash, do not control other peoples characters unless they give you permision, okay?* Cave smiled at the energetic young man "Well, grab a seat and join tne party for now." Cave said smiling. Risu silently watched the other trainers gather around him. "so, let me tell you guys about the time I fought the greatest trainer of all time..." Cave said as he began to tell his story.
  5. "Hey there, fella!" Cave said looking at the pokemon. "looks like you gotta strong one, Sarah." He said smiling at the electric type pokemon. Cave took one of the pokeballs from his waste and realesed his electric type, his pachirisu. "make friends, Risu." He said the pkmn jumped on his head. Risu growled at the fellow electric type instead, "eheheh.... Sorry." Cave said looking over at Sara.
  6. Turning to the girl next to him, Cave introduced himself "Hi, I'm Cave. Its really nice to meet you." He said with a kind smile on his face as he stretched his hand toward her.
  7. After being handed his ticket, he sat down in the waiting area with his fellow trainers. He sighed as he pulled looked down at his Pokegear and checked his texts, they were all from his close friends.... Wally, Hilda, and... Oh god.. Joey (not a friend)... That weirdo was always talking about his rattata, Cave actually had to change his number FIVE times because he was harassing him with calls and texts about his rattata. He quickly erased the message and blocked his number and continued on with his business.
  8. Cave entered the pokemon stadium doors and looked up the large room. There were many small registration tables with a small line of trainers at each, naturally, he chose the table with the least amount of people in line. Once he reached the front he was handed a registration form by a girl around his age "Please sign this sir, and you will receive your ticket to enter the tournament." she said as Cave filled out his form. "Ya know, I was the champion of the Johto for a little while..." He said smirking as he signed his name, "Impressive" the girl said sarcastically, handing him his ticket "Thanks sweetheart, just tellin ya so ya know who to root for." And with that, he walked away ticket in hand ready to battle.
  9. Name: Cave Jackson Age: 16 Appearance: Buzz cut hair, light brown skin. A usually lazy look on his face, wears a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Gray running shoes. Bio: The former champion of the Johto. Not wanting to end his journey in his homeland, he traveled through Kanto and boarded the S.S Anne to travel Sinnoh. Once training new pokemon there, he traveled to Hoenn to enter a tournament he heard that was underway. First/starter: Totodile Team: Feraligatr, Torterra, Machamp, Garchomp, Pachirisu, Arbok The battle begins
  10. (Take out part being the 9 tale jinchuriki, you can be a uzumaki but not one of Naruto's offspring.)
  11. Well if 100 years in the future, I'm pretty sure the dude you want is dead.
  12. 100 Years after the 4th ninja world war, all of the ninja world is at peace with one another. All of the ninja nations joined with Konoha form a strong ninja nation, which are broken into districts (With Konoha being the capital, of course.). During the long period of peace, the development of new technology has now improved the standard gear all ninja now carry, and also basic life in the new ninja world. (Imagine steam punk, but cleaner.) Everything is perfect. Tomorrow is the day 100 year anniversary that the hero Naruto saved the ninja world, that's good and all, but, its also the day you graduate from the academy. Its time to step out into the ninja world and start your journey. Well, I hope you guys like. You know the rules, if not read em on the front. Ok wells here character thinga majig. Name: Age: clan: optional; (no uchiha, sorry but impossible.) Apperance: Bio: Jutsu: (Basic, clone jutsu, transformation jutsu, one extra) Main talent: (Genjutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu) Join! Or not.
  13. What they will probably do with the new zelda game is somethin like, oh yeah we gots a new zelda game and junk, and not have any vids or pics of it. I wouldnt be suprised if they had a trailer for next super smash bros
  14. Roy barley noticed what was happening until he felt someone grabbed his wrist, practically dragging him out of the small ruined building. As the girl dragged the 16 year-old down the street, he noticed how ruined this part of the city was. The buildings were rusted and partly caved in, in some cases. "Where are we going?!" Roy finally asked.
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