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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Hey, everybody! I'm back! I got so held up with other things, I nearly forgot about this site! Anyways...yeah. lol

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    2. Sora96


      Cricket isn't going to come back sadly.

    3. Cyber Shaman

      Cyber Shaman

      Yes because of the dipshits

    4. Sora96


      That was one of many reasons.

  2. After playing a little game called BioShock Infinite (one of the best games I've played!), one thing I can't get off of my mind is the multiverse theory. Noticing that KH involved things other than other-world travel (i.e. time travel and data-worlds), I can't help but wonder if the idea of parallel universes can be put into the KH world. I think it would be cool to see other versions of the main characters coming from an alternate universe where the bad guys have won and are looking to expand their empire into other dimensions, or something like that. It could also help explain the many versions of Xehanort at the end of KH3D (they did mention "alternate timelines," right?). Confusing...or mind-blowing? Thoughts?
  3. Happy three years on kh13, Critter! :D

    1. Weiss


      Also, come back D:

  4. I like western games more than Japanese games. Though I like Kingdom Hearts and I'm getting into the FF series as well as other games like Persona 3 and 4, my all-time favorite western game is Halo.
  5. I would like to change my user name to DarknessUser13, if that's all right. Unless someone else has that?
  6. Personally, I think they should just focus on KH3. I mean, when you look at it, they're wasting time they used on the HD remakes which could have been used on KH3 (unless they're doing both at the same time, idk). So, bottom line: BRING ON KH3 ALREADY!!!!!
  7. HD remake? Seriously? Even if it does come stateside, I probably won't get it. Not even for the console version of 358/2 Days. Sorry, but no thanks. Still waiting on KH3, though.
  8. I agree. I would think of Marvel characters appearing as cameos like FF and TWEWY characters. Heck, I like to see them as summons. Think about it: Spider-man or some of the Avengers as summons. *My mind is blown* lol I know they wouldn't fit completely in this series (they have their own Hercules anyway), but it would be nice if they made a minor appearance in this series. What better way for Marvel to gain a little more recognition in the Disney world than in a KH game where it's a big fan fic in a video game? My guess is that Pixar would be used more than Marvel, since Pixar characters are more Disney related, but I would still love to see some recognition of Marvel in this series.
  9. You know when I read YMX's profile as being from an alternate timeline, I thought that this series would involve parallel dimensions or something like that. That would be less confusing than time travel, I admit.
  10. What "precepts"? You mean special tricks that only masters know like Eraqus telling Aqua how to change the appearance of their world into Castle Oblivion?
  11. But what happens after that? Does he bring the members back and revive their memories? Otherwise, he'll have to get more members in the present the same way he did to Xigbar and Saix.
  12. If anyone else has started this, send me a link. To those who haven't finished the game and do not want to be spoiled, avert your eyes! lol Anyway, here's the question. The members of the new Organization XIII are basically Xehanorts from different time periods and people with parts of him inside them (i.e. Xigbar and Saix). The thing I'm having diffuculty understanding is how he intends to keep this organization whole if some of the members are himself from different time periods. When they disappear, they return to their time periods to resume their lives in the timeline. If that's true, then Xehanort's plan is ruined. He would have to make some kind of paradox to bring his past selves back without disrupting the timeline of said past selves. And as Doc Brown from Back to the Future would say, a paradox can destroy the entire universe (a little something to look forward to in KH3, perhaps?). Any other thoughts on how that "old coot" would keep the new Organization XIII whole? To those who suggest they are from an alternate timeline, here's another question: Why do they have to return to their original places in the timeline if they're from an alternate timeline?
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