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  1. I began my 3rd year of college last Monday. Unfortunately I have no classes with my boyfriend, but I do have a few classes with some friends from last semester. :)

  2. Yesterday was a day of mixed feelings: My dad was in the hospital for a few hours, and I saw Jurassic World in 3D with my boyfriend. Can you tell what the highlight of my day was?

    1. GotMilk5101520


      The new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer.

    2. DoctorChurchie


      Don't have a PS4, so nah. I mean it's great, but nothing beats a good 3D movie.

  3. I understand now. ._. I'm getting old.

  4. Turns out I completely passed every single one of my classes from this past semester. :D

  5. I got a C in Astronomy, and a B in my Introduction to Networking and Hardware/Software classes. :D I'm a very happy, Churchie. <3

  6. School's over! :D

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    2. Silent


      YEA! :D *high five*

    3. DoctorChurchie


      *high fives back* TIS A GOOD FEELING! :D

    4. Silent
  7. My famous last words are: I'll see you in a little while. So I guess I'm coming back as a zombie.
  8. So have a posted on here about the fact that I need a GTA V crew for the PS3? :3

  9. My date last night went really well. <3 We went and saw the movie Cinderella at 10:05, then when the movie was over we went and ate at Denny's. <3

    1. Anonn0000


      I wanted to see that movie too X3 fun! i'm really happy for you too :D

  10. Going on a date tonight. :3

  11. Okay. Show of hands, who here has used XSplit, and knows that it's a safe/reliable program that's not full of viruses? Because my virus protection decided to be a complete butt and informed me it was a virus when I tried to install it.

    1. Hargleblargleboo


      If it's a pirated / cracked version with a keygen or something, then yes. If it's the purchased version, then no. XSplit is a totally safe program. Your antivirus is just showing it as a false positive.

  12. ^_^ Hola!

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    2. DoctorChurchie


      Well shit. xD <- This is my first language.


      But I also speak cat fluently.

    3. Weedanort


      It's portuguese xD

    4. DoctorChurchie


      xD I did not know that. xD
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