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  1. KH2 has alot of cheap enemies, especialy on Proud. You have the Jack-in-Box Heartless in Halloween Town and the Large purple heartless in Space Paranoids just for example. They are really cheap with thier long and close range attacks.
  2. Yeah, he is only really good to heal Sora. But, in K2 where Cure steals 100% od your MP, Donald is made useless alot more. In KH he could spam Cure.
  3. Just want to know what everyone thought of the game. Personally, i was dissaponted. Only like 6 worlds, all ported from KH or KH2, only 1 FF character to be seen, and its a moogle. Unbalanced and annoying enemies, and a story that had no impact on anything, or any significagant importance at all. However, running around as the King and Riku makes everything worth the money.
  4. Hey, just a quick thread about Donald. I've played through KH about 6 times (and stopped at Neverland each time) and i have come to realise something. Donald sucks. I always thought this, but playing on Proud makes me realise it more. He goes down pretty much instantly, and once he runs out of magic he is useless. Goofy then uses all my potions healing him. Goofy on the otherhand, is the opposite. Just beast. Does anyone else think Donald sucks, or does anyone actually use him alot?
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