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  1. Name: Hope (FINAL FANTASY AMV) Category: Music videos Short Description: Well its a new year, and it was time for me to add a new video. I've added some new video clips from Final Fantasy XIII as Versus XIII as well as using a new program to make my video, I will have to say I very impressed. I hope you will be too, I woul View Video
  2. Name: Hero Will Drown (FFVII AMV) Category: Music videos Short Description: Hi Everyone, its been a while since I've uploaded a video. I saw that my last video was quite popular, well I hope this video is just as popular the last one... Maybe even more, the song is called "And the Hero Will Drown" by Story of the Ye View Video
  3. Name: Birth By Sleep AMV (Linkin Park - From The Inside) Category: Music videos Short Description: Well, let me put it this way to you. I was listening to this song while playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep a few days back when suddenly I got these images that fit perfectly with the music. So, after that I started collecting cutscenes from http://kh View Video
  4. Name: A Little Faster (ACC AMV) Category: Music videos Short Description: Hi everyone!! Its been a long time since I've been on youtube. So now I'm back, along with a new video in full-out HD. The song is called "A Little Faster" by There For Tomorrow. Clips are from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children C View Video
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