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  1. Roxas lowered his hand and accepted the rag, looking from it to Namine. "But...thank you," he said, leaning forward and giving her a kiss on the top of her blonde head before he started past her. He appreciated her kindness, and he would have taken her up on it if it didn't involve her cleaning up his blood.
  2. Roxas lifted a hand to the back of his head, running it over his hair sheepishly. "I feel disgusting all over," he revealed, stepping forward and stopping in front of Namine. "I think I should just hop in the shower." It'd be more thorough than the rag and less trouble.
  3. Roxas stood up when he had room, at the same time pulling his shirt over his head. "Nam, I'm not hurt anymore," he reminded her. "I can clean myself up..." Just like he didn't like cleaning up her blood the other day, he imagined she wouldn't like cleaning up his.
  4. Roxas stopped pressing his hand into the bed, having a moment of clarity. The reason he didn't use his magic on the way back was because if somebody did approach them, he wanted to have magic to heal Namine. He really was scared for her safety earlier, but now that they were back in his room, it was okay. She was safe. "Hold on," he said quietly, shutting his eyes as he focused on and cast a Cure spell. He instantly felt better when a wave of warmth washed over him and took all the pain away.
  5. "Nam, it's okay," Roxas said, looking up at her. "It's not a big deal." He was just glad this was a physical beating and not anything worse, like Namine being taken away from him. After all the trouble with Xehanort and his cohorts, a little beating was nothing.
  6. Roxas sat down on the bed where Namine left him, remaining upright because he knew collapsing backwards would only cause more pain. Leaving his injuries untreated would cause more pain too. He set a hand on the bed to stand up, looking towards the bathroom he had attached to his room. He may not have had potions or ethers in there, but he had other things he could use.
  7. You inherited Kairi's stubbornness, Roxas thought, frowning at Namine's instant denial. "Then stay right by my side," he said quietly, knowing better than to argue with her. He turned and set a hand on the wall, keeping it there as he started towards the doors. He'd jump to defend her if he had to, no matter what his condition was.
  8. Roxas shook his head slightly. "You should get off campus for a little while," he suggested quietly. "Maybe go to Kairi's?" He didn't know if she was home or not, but being there was definitely safer than being here. Especially with the one guy's threat to take Namine away from him. He'd make it to his room on his own.
  9. "Just some guys who wanted to pick a fight," Roxas said, wincing as he lowered an arm to wrap around his stomach. And as for being okay...He wasn't really alright physically; that damage was obvious. But emotionally he was hurt too. He had been on his way to a practice room to play guitar, but he didn't have his guitar on him anymore. Now it was shattered and splintered into pieces on the ground, way beyond repair.
  10. Roxas winced, both at the loud voice and the hands that touched cuts on his face. Namine had some really bad timing... He opened his blue eyes, trying to think of something to reassure her and take away her fear. But all he could think of was what he said. "...Hi."
  11. "Tch," Roxas grunted, stumbling back a step. He rested his back against the building, though that only helped the pain. Where all was he hit? He definitely took a hit on the head, a few kicks to the stomach...apparently they got his back too. He shut his eyes and leaned his head back, trying to will the pain away. He didn't have any potions on him either, sadly.
  12. Roxas opened his eyes at the last retort, his sharp blue eyes landing on the punk that dared to make that threat. Nobody was going to take Namine away from him. He set his hand on the ground and propped himself up before pushing himself to his feet, though he was off balance. He didn't bother saying anything, only glaring at the person who made the last comment. Opening his mouth would only get him into trouble.
  13. Roxas heard dulled laughter around him, and he blankly wondered why. Was he still on the ground after sleeping last night and he left a TV show going on his laptop? When he felt a kick to the stomach, he grunted and lifted a hand to his head, rolling so that he was sitting up slightly on the cold ground. Right. I was ambushed by...
  14. Light smiled slightly, putting her hand in her lap as she turned her face to look at the ocean. Almost everyone here was a couple. All of them were definitely acting that way though, including Serah and Noel. She'd have to have a talk with her sister later.
  15. "Think what you want to think," Lightning retorted smoothly, though what could be considered a scathing remark was nullified by her running her fingers down the side of Riku's face and to his jaw. He had such a stern, serious face sometimes, but tonight, he was happy. She was glad.
  16. "Or laziness and lack of creativity," Lightning piped. She dared to lift a hand, brushing some of Riku's wet and dripping bangs out of his face. It was a really intimate move to be doing in the presence of others, even if they were all distracted.
  17. Lightning willingly fell onto her bum, setting a hand on Riku's shoulder to keep herself balanced once she was down. "Predictable," she commented with a rolling of her eyes. What, that was the best payback that he could give? It was so unoriginal.
  18. Lightning stood up completely, smirking down at Riku as she tried to hold back laughter. He set himself up for that one; how was she supposed to resist that temptation? She was tired from the past few months and he was too, but tonight was a night they were supposed to be active and alive. Hopefully getting drenched helped him wake up.
  19. Lightning glanced up at Riku to ask him a question, but then she noticed his expression. He was very at peace, but also...very vulnerable to what she had in mind. She smirked and adjusted her footing, spinning around in the wet sand and swiping Riku's feet out beneath him so he'd be hit more by the oncoming wave.
  20. Lightning hummed in understanding, shifting her gaze forward. It was definitely good to be back, and to know that the charges against her were dropped. The paparazzi would be a pain, but the future had to get brighter from here. When she felt something against her foot, she knelt down, reaching her fingers into the sand as she pulled out a shell that was somehow intact.
  21. Lightning looked down when Riku kicked the water, some of it coming back to hit her when a small breeze came. But when she looked up and saw his smile, she kept her gaze on his face. What, was he smiling about something that happened with the others? She felt like she missed something.
  22. Lightning and Riku stood on the shoreline, just letting the waves lap at their feet. Though she was mostly keeping an eye on Serah and Noel to look for affection on either of their parts, her eyes did wander to Namine and Roxas. Even with all the chaos before, she noticed a new type of devotion rising between them. Whatever they were now, she was happy for them, since they looked happy themselves.
  23. Roxas wasn't sure why Namine laughed, but he grinned like an idiot just because she was giggling. He spent a lot of time with her in the past few months, and those months weren't exactly happy times for her. So seeing her smile like this and hearing her laugh was heavenly.
  24. Roxas glanced at the ocean, seeing another wave out of the corner of his eye. "Incoming," he warned, setting both his hands on Namine's waist as he hoisted her up. He also turned himself so the wave was to his back; otherwise, he would have been inhaling the wave.
  25. Roxas blinked in surprise, but a soft smile worked its way onto his lips. "Now you're getting it," he said quietly. She didn't seem to get it the first time that he hinted she was the most important person, but now she finally understood and she seemed to embrace it. That was good--really good.
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