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  1. happy birthday emily. i miss ya!!

  2. I hate that i feel like crap but i don't know why
  3. I'm secretly hurting because of unknown reasons...

    1. Lt Ultima

      Lt Ultima

      *hugs* all better!!

  4. I stood out under the darkening sky. My palm stretched. A drop of rain fell on it. It glistened like a tear... and reminded me of all those tears you promised me I would never shed. And I looked at the drop of rain, and then could see it no more as my eyes vied with the rain. and the rain ceded victory to me.
  5. I totally agree with you but u forget they're both American heroes
  6. I heard the funniest joke today

    1. superbanana


      i know a funny joke! the cake is a lie. /shot

  7. When I was younger my mother used to tuck me into bed before I went to sleep. After that she would read me a story, a bedtime story, it was "Eye Of The Tiger" TM. Within this story there contained a tiger (duh!!), one that antagonised me. My mother didn't get it though, for she thought I was crazy. But I would laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. Mother knows best my (am I aloud to curse on here to be safe) a**. Anyways, this tiger had an eye (doesn't every animal have an eye or eyes hopefully) that was very peculiar because, it was red. A beastly red, mostly seen in blood. I was scared, very timid, and alone in my dark room (haha, her room is the darkest in the house, aren't parents awesome!). I couldn't see anything, but one night the tiger helped me out, he made his bright and vicious bloodshot eyes shine so I could see his gruesome face and believe me it was scary as f***. I automatically pee on myself and run out the room (and of course she slips on her pee, what a dumba**!) but I slip on my pee and get dragged back in. I kick and scream but it was as if my mom was ignoring me (what a bi*** right) and she never came that night. TO READ MORE YOU MUST DEMAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. How can you believe anything a truthful person says, after all they were built upon sin too.

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    2. Emily and Misaki
    3. Protoman


      That is how I believe.

      With Magic 8 balls. They are magic for a reason.

    4. Emily and Misaki
  9. In a world full of evil, a boy named Malcolm lives. Not knowing any other way he goes on living in sin. One day when the world was at it's evilest he trips over a littered can and almost cracks his skull, except he never hit the ground, only nearly. Now seeing as the Devil was your leader and he never did anything for anyone he starts to believe in a new figure, the one called God. Malcolm calls out "Who ever you are thank you." And there was a reply that nobody else heard except Malcolm "I'm your hero dear Malcolm." "Really!" "Who are you talking to, ya whack job." a nearby woman says. "I'm talking to God miss!" As she laughs in his face, he begins to see a light in his sky. TO READ MORE YOU MUST DEMAND IT!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Riddle Me Mrs. Riddler As I was going to St. Ives I met a man with seven wives, each wife had seven sacks, each sack had seven cats, each cat had seven kittens. How many were going to St. Ives?
  11. Okay so I was thinking about a game that would make us people on this website smarter (no offense) and help us to think more... So I came up with riddles which to me is fun (call me a N.E.R.D)and there are a couple of rules that go along with it.... 1)No controling some one else's thoughts (i.e. telling them they are wrong) 2)No posting your own riddles *throws a fit* this is my game 3) Be nice and respect everybody's point of views (because everybody is totally awesome, and most of all love SPONGEBOB!!!! And the answer would be posted a week after!!!!!
  12. Ummm yea, whatever u say Thank you tons
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