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  1. Mia turned to Inga saying,"I don't know did you see something weird while I had my back turned." as she reached for Inga shoulders but doubled back looking to see if anyone was there. While panting walking around the area she collapsed to her knees thinking Did my attack come out to strong. Did I hurt him what if it was my fault that he collapsed whatever it was she fully excepted it as bad. She turned to see Aqua for advice
  2. Mia turned and smiled breathing deeply from the last use of magic. I did it! She put down her keyblade sighing one last time. Untensing her shoulders she turned and and immediately tensed back up again seeing mickel on the ground. She ran to him picking up his head giving a slight shake. "Mickel, MICKEL!!!" Is this guy okay. She thought as she pulled out her keyblade once again shouting Curaga as loud as she could the magic rained down upon the guy. "Mickel are you okay!" she shouted out waiting for a response.
  3. Okay here it is Chapter 1 Prologue The sun was just rising over the newly rebuilt central headquarters. Alexys felt small compared to towering building a above him his golden hair blowing in his face, poking his right eye left unpatched. So he slowly walked inside being intercepted by a lady at the front desk "Can I help you sir?" "Um...I'm looking for General Mustang is he here." "Oh... you must be that person that he said he was expecting. Mr...-" "Elric. Alexys Elric ma’am." "Elric...Are you Edward's son?" "Yes, "Alexys started getting nervous at all the questions. This again,... everywhere I go it's the same thing. Alexys thought to himself. "Well it's been awhile since we have dealt with the Elrics in fact it's been almost twenty years, how old are you?" "Umm I turned 12 about four weeks ago. But what has that have anything to do with anything." The woman kept on asking and asking questions for about the next five minutes Alexys finally just placed his suit case on the ground sitting on it and then placing his face in his hand he waited for another two minutes worth of questions Thanks a lot dad I'm almost as famous as you are. He looked up to see the woman's mouth still chatting away is this ever going to end. "Miss Charlene please stop bugging him." a woman came wearing the standard blue military uniform her hair was a light blonde which was neatly tied back. A small ray of hope brought on his biggest smile he could possibly make for he knew who it was, "It’s been a while Lieutenant Hawkeye." "Oh, It's you Alexys, didn't I tell you to just call me Riza." "Oh yeah right." "Where's your mom, is she here with you?" Alexys shifted his feet back and forth trying to get past the stare Riza was giving him. Scratching his head he finally said, "No...I came from Resembool by myself and I ask that you please not tell my mother until after I talk to General Mustang." "Sure but why does it have something to do with the patch that your wearing," Alexys heart started to skip beats as he started to back he began falling backwards. With his first instinct he clamped his hands together transmuting the ground below him into something soft. Riza eye's grew wide as she realized what had just happened "Don't tell me you tried it," Alexys got up dusting himself off not even bothering to make eye contact with her. She almost tried to speak again but was interrupted by the doors on the opposite side slamming into wall, "Alexys Elric you tried Human transmutation, didn't you?" Alexys glared at the new comer, "Yes, I did...General Roy Mustang." Chapter 2 Like Father Like Son Roy smirked as he walked up to Alexys as he clapped his hands then gradually flicked his fingers forming a large spark. Alexys then gulped as he dodged the fire ball falling back on his suitcase but his reflexes were too fast and instead back flipped from the top of the case landing perfectly on his feet. "What was that for!!!" "Wow, you really are like your father, short stuff." Alexys hands folded his hands into a ball as he ran towards Mustang but unfortunately was intercepted by two guards," I hate being compared to that guy." Alexys screamed at the top of his lungs "Well perhaps not," Roy came up observing Alexys’s face, "However they do have the same attitude, golden hair and everything." "DID YOU EVEN HERE ME!!!!"Alexys struggled against the guards holding him back but they held him firmly back from Mustang unfortunately they received some of his hating blows. Finally the lady at the desk reacted," Ah, You got to the love the Elrics. They always add action into our lives it so thrilling." Roy walked over hitting the desk with his fist making the lady jump, "The type of action you speak of means death and has already lead to the suffering people of this country. It's not thrilling to see someone dead-" He was cut off by Riza's stare. "Okay calm down Roy, now let's go somewhere private where we can talk without interruption." Roy put his hand to his face as he sighed, "Fine lets go before all of headquarters find out, you two keep a tight grip of that one he's like a fox." "And how do know that?!?!" Alexys said as the guards held him even tighter. Mustang just casually walked to his desk and sat down. The guards brought Alexys to a chair tying him up. "What's is this for?" "Precautions, don't worry it won't hurt you." Mustang nodded to one of his men and he came forward drawing a transmutation circle. Placing his hands on the circle a bright light shone and the chair moved falling on the floor with Alexys face on the ground. The light dulled down and the guards lifted the chair up," Now Alexys you and only can't use alchemy at the moment. So do you want to begin Alexys Elric?" Alexys sighed leaving the room silent for a few seconds. Feeling all the intense stares he spoke up, "Can someone remove my eye patch?" everyone was hesitant so he spoke again, "Don't worry it's not a weapon." Riza was the only one who moved feeling no need of alarm. Brushing across the kids face as he look up at him she could sense the loneliness and the driving force that kept him going. The same feeling she had received from the little Edward Elric when she first met him. Her hand reached for the eye patch and one tug of the patch it fell off. Riza's eyes grew wide as she looked at the sight. Alexys left side of his face was without his eye it had been gouged out. "This is my punishment for stepping on The Truth's door my eye was payment for trying to get my younger brother back from the dead." Chapter 3 The Tragedy It was raining and I remember the house leaking from the storm. For some reason we had got to talking a bout how dad hadn't been here to the fix the roof and when the storm was over it was my job to go to fix the roof but then my little sister Nina asked," Where is daddy?" My little brother Maes always being the gentler type, "I don't know but until he comes back we got to take care of everything okay." Nina of course agreed with him, they always got a long. Maes then said," But until then we have Alexys to take care of us." Normally that would probably make anyone happy but I had been a bad mood a bout many things but I didn't want to show my anger at them or I would face the fury of my mom's hammer. So instead I went outside not even saying where I was going I followed the road. I knew that it was rare for cars to come by even horse carriages had been a rarity but that day was different. Just a few weeks earlier a family had moved in, but the mother was very sick she had come to Resembool to recover from pneumonia but since the storm she grew worse. So they decided to move her to the hospital but they had to bring her quickly or she would die. However they decided to take the road at which I was walking upon. I continued to walk on the road that would lead to my downfall and it would have been if not Maes. After I left they decided to follow me to make sure I was okay. The carriage unfortunately was going crazy but I didn't notice it was coming until Maes pushed me out of the way. The last thing I remembered that night was seeing my brother's face full of tears as he called my name. The carriage then hit my brother breaking his neck killing him instantly. Earlier that night Maes said," I was supposed to take care of him." but I failed to do that at the most important moment I just froze and watched as my brother was killed. Alexys started to cry out of the only eye he had but then started to shake and sweat as if he had a high fever. Riza put her hand on Alexys forehead but quickly pulled it away because it burnt her hand. She began to speak but Alexys instead spoke: This was about a month ago but I decided to bring him back so I could say I was sorry...and so I can make it up to him. So I waited till' mom had left on a trip to go help out with one of the neighbors. Mom had always been strong, I can only imagine what she's going to do when she finds out what I'm doing here. Anyways I began to do the transmutation. At first it was going great I could only wait impatiently to see my brother's face. But just like Uncle Al and Dad did with grandma it had back fired. The Truth took me it was painful as everything filled inside my head but even then I could only hope to see Maes face again. I then realized I couldn't come out and then it hit me. There was no way I was going to make it out and once again I would fail them. I tried to struggle but I could never make any ground as I was beginning to despair. But then something happened a light or shadow depending on the view blasted towards me and I woke up on the ground surrounded by blood and then a great big pain washed over me as more blood bursted from my eye. Just as I was beginning to blank out from the pain I noticed my sister's body silently sleeping away. One look and I knew but how I knew I have no idea but my sister had lost her soul and if she would not get oxygen then she would surely be dead as well. So I mustered the strength I had left I crawled her to the medical room and turned on the oxygen placing her in the bed I blanked out. I woke up a few minutes later and I could tell that it was getting harder to maintain consciousness so with little alchemy I knew I fixed my eye as best as I can. For the next hour I drifted in and out of consciousness each time hoping my sister would wake up but each time it was even more hopeless. But then I remembered Dad's stories and a certain person that could help me...General Roy Mustang. Immediately not even wasting time I picked myself up and walked out. I don't know how far I got but I fell asleep but luckily Isabelle was there to ...- Alexys shaking soon became uncontrollable and he fainted in the chair his eye began to bleed again," Does that mean you haven't had proper medical treatment yet?" Riza called as she broke the ropes pulling the boy out of the chair the guards rushed over taking Alexys from her hands and rushed him towards the medical wings. "Riza, that boy is skilled at medical alchemy. That's why he survived so long making it here and why he was able to stand and dodge the sparks I sent towards him." "How do you know that, did he tell you? Did you actually fire at him knowing he was in that kind of condition? " "No, actually Edward told me when he came to central before heading west on a mission." Roy got up from his chair putting his hand on Riza shoulder," Alexys is a tough kid he'll be alright." with that they walked out of the room resuming their original business until Alexys would wake up again. Chapter 4 Chimera? Winry Rockbell arrived at central headquarters once again. Leaving her daughter in the care of her grandmother she took the train in search for her son. She walked through the front door and immediately knew that Alexys had been here. The front office was torn apart singes on the walls, the floor was completely a mess tiles broken scattered everywhere. Instead a nice soft dirt packet replaced the ground. Repair men were running back and forth between military officials trying to fix the area but from the look on their faces showed that it was going to be a long day. Winry closed the big wooden doors behind her and immediately walked towards the military officers knowing that they would likely have the most knowledge of where her son was or at least where he was being held." "Excuse me," the officers turned around," Have you seen Alexys Elric. He's a 12 year old kid, has golden hair, golden eyes, a little on the short side." The officer furthest from away spoke," Yes ma'am, He was here, but at the moment he's in the hospital wing recovering from an injury so you may not be able to get in to see him." "HOSPITAL WING! Where is that?" Winry shouted. "Come with me I'll show you." The officer started to move but was stopped by officer Falman," That's alright I'll show Miss Elric the way." The officer mouth dropped wide open as he looked from Falman to Winry," You mean this is the great automail mechanic from Rush Valley, It's me Charley Braise I was one of your old customers before you re-located back to Resembool. But however, I see your in a hurry so I won't bother you any longer. It was nice seeing you." "Same here." she waved then turned back to him, "she turned back to Falman saying, "lead the way." Falman turned around leading the way without saying a word. It was completely silent for a few flight of stairs until Falman said, "It’s just like before." "Yeah, from what I can tell is that Alexys blames himself for Maes death, yet I should have known this," Winry started to cry, "It's just that I was feeling depressed as well, with Edward missing it just never occurred to me that one of my children would die. Then after all that Alexys still tried human transmutation, he'll hate me for saying this but he is just Ed." Falman chuckled a little trying to liven up the mood," Well I haven't met him personally but from what I hear from Hawkeye, Mustang, and the several other's throughout central is that he looked so much like Edward that everyone thought he was back from his mission. He even had the same attitude." "Is that so," wiped her tears away," He was always like that even when Ed was at the house. I remember that the two would always end up fighting then either Maes or Alphonse, if he was there, would always end up breaking up the fight. I know I should have probably ended it but it was always to hilarious to break it up." both of them chuckled as they finally reached the hospital room. "He's in that room two doors down on the right. He's still sleeping so you'll have to be quiet but I'll leave you to your business." with that Falman left without saying another word. Winry grabbed the door handle pushing the door quietly away. She looked around the room seeing that nobody was in the room she moved faster in the room silently closing the door behind her. There at the far corner of the room was Alexys sleeping soundly under the small slightly opened window above his head. The boy had a breathing tube with a tank right beside him. I had no idea it was this bad how he made it to central without any help. Winry thought to herself. Looking around once again she noticed something strange right next to Alexys arm and it was looking right back at her. "What's a cat doing in here," she reached up to pet it. "If I were you I would keep your hand away." she heard a noise coming from a cat. Wait did that cat just talk The cat put on the best smile a cat could possibly make then said," Yes, you heard right I'm a talking cat." Winry's eyes grew wide as she screamed. Unfortunately the scream scared the cat forcing a claw into Alexys arm waking him up. Alexys jumped straight up quickly realizing his mistake he slowly sank back into the bed. Looking around the room he noticed his mom staring quietly in the corner. "Mom, I didn't know you knew I was here," Alexys started to shake at the nervousness of his mother's presence. Winry slowly looked at his face as she said, "I got a call from Riza telling me you were here." she looked back at his arm," Now what is that by your arm." Alexys surprisingly looked at his arm seeing the cat which was now staring at him. Producing a smile he said, "There you are," picking up the cat which obviously made the cat uncomfortable because it was trying to get away Alexys looked back to Winry," this is Isabelle. She was transformed into a chimera and she saved me." Isabelle then turned to Winry saying, "It’s a pleasure Mrs. Elric." she blankly smiled in the best way she could. Chapter 5 Isabelle’s Reason "Okay, well I guess that explains how you made it to central, but your still in trouble, Alexys." Winry drew towards Alexys ignoring Isabelle as tears drew from her face, "You went missing for two weeks and me worried sick that you were either killed or dying by the trail of blood in the house and what’s more you put your own family in danger." Alexys looked away from her hiding his own face from the threat of tears, "I’m…sorry…I…" "You should have told me how you were feeling about Maes instead of hiding it." "I…I didn’t…I didn’t know…" Alexys hid his face gripping the sheet in frustration Winry walked forward sitting aside him on the bed. Then suddenly wrapping her arm around Alexys she whispered in his ear, "You don’t have to explain it. You just need to realize that you can talk about these things and not take the burden by yourself." Alexys gripped the sheet even tighter, "But it’s my fault that he died, if I wasn’t even out there he would still be alive, or even if I would have moved faster and saved him instead." "Alexys it is not your fault, things happen sometimes and we can’t do everything." "Everything is my fault, everything leads to me therefore it’s my burden and I have to carry it that’s why I decided to try to bring him back so I could apologize for making him cry no matter the payment." "Even if this payment was your little sister?" Alexys let go of the sheet turning towards Winry, "I don’t know what to think anymore, but I came here for a reason." "That reason wouldn’t be getting you and your sister’s body back would it?" "Yes, she saved me by sacrificing her soul to save me now I will save her." "And how do you plan to do that." Alexys smiled, "I’m going to become a state alchemist and find a way." The door opened and with perfect timing Mustang and Hawkeye came walking in, "Well that’s good to hear kid I was beginning to think you were a bad case. There are three problems with you becoming a state alchemist you’re a kid, you’re considered disability with that eye of yours, and you’re harboring an illegal immigrant." Everyone slowly looked at Isabella, "How did you know I wasn’t from Armestris." "What, you’re not Armestrian?!" Alexys said putting his hand to his face, "Great now I’m in even more trouble." "That’s your fault but let’s not forget our deal too." The cat moved towards Alexys, "You owe me for saving your life so not only will you get your sister’s soul back you will help me get my body back to original as well," the cat then released claw into Alexys leg. "So her true colors finally come out." Alexys grit his teeth as the little stab of pain went through his body. "So what are you going to do Elric," Mustang finishing the little side conversation. "I have a comeback for everything on your list, but first I’m in need of a mechanic. I know from firsthand experience that they are still being developed for this but they are developed well enough that it shouldn’t be a problem." Alexys looked back towards Winry seeing her face light up like it usually did whenever she had the chance to build anything, "I need automail mom. Chapter 6 "I don't know a bout this anymore."seeing the knifes and shots and other machinery on the table almost made him faint again. "It won't hurt that much beside because the type of surgery requires me to put you asleep." Winry said reaching for the needle located on the medical table. "Like the neighbors' horse with the broken leg please don't do that I'll never wake up again!!!" Alexys started to retreat back into the hallways until Winry reached for his collar, "Let me go!!" "It's not like that at all. Your not going to die it's just so you don't struggle while we put the machinery in because it's very delicate."Winry dragged him back in tossing him on the bed. Winry took the needle placing it into Alexys neck immediately showing results. The drug had over come his body his eyes fluttering open and shut until they finally shut for the last time, "Well I'm glad that's over," Winry sighed putting the needle back on the table. "Well I guess I should get started." and with that Winry began her work ... "Are you going to say something." Isabelle sat on the couch in her human form watching Mustang who faced her direction from the couch opposite from her. "Your a chimera that much is obvious what I don't understand is why your here in Armestris and why you travelled all the way to the east just to come here. "Well, like I said I was kidnapped from_, my hometown and the next thing I wake up just a few miles from that town called Resembool where I was in that horrible form, a cat." "I take it you don't like cat's." Hawkeye said handing different types of files to Mustang. "No, I hate them all they do is lay around and then when you go to pick them up they scratch you or attack you. Yeah I know it's ironic now that I'm part cat but I just can't help that I hate those creatures." Isabelle shuttered at the thought came to her head, but then shaking it off she continued, "Anyways I started wandering around where I found Alexys or well he found me," "What do you mean he found you," Mustang interrupted. "Umm..He..He..fell on me hehehe."Isabelle scratched her head, "Since I was a cat it's kinda hard to up from under a human even if he is pint-sized. I struggled and struggled until all the sudden I changed into something different well kinda I grew to the size of a tiger easily brushing Alexys off. At first I thought I would leave him there and somebody would come and find him while I try to make it back home and figure out why I transformed into this being but then I noticed the blood. Alexys had been traveling walking that whole way with those kind of wounds so I thought that he should get a chance to go back home to two. I didn't know he wasn't far from home and so instead I started walking west. We made it to a doctor and I made sure he was taken well care of, he of course woke up and stopped me from leaving by making a promise." "To get your body back, correct." Mustang scribbled something on a piece of paper handing it back to Hawkeye "Yeah, and how could I refuse and soon after I turned back into a cat staying by his side until we reached central where we lost each other until I found him in that hospital bed. I told him he over did it but he just kept on saying he wanted to talk to you so once again how could I refuse" "Who were the doctors who treated Alexys." Mustang questioned "Hmm, now that you mention it I never got their names, plus they seemed pretty calm a bout meeting a tiger's size cat but they healed Alexys pretty quickly it. They were defiantly strange people, infact I barely remember their faces anymore." "What do you mean you barely remember their faces." Mustang stood up. "I just saw them yesterday and I don't remember their faces."Isabelle stood up after tracing the room in attempt to get the memories back "Maybe becoming a cat has screwed with your memory." "No that doesn't make any sense I remember everything before and after we met them." "Well with any case don't worry a bout it for the time being, we accept you here in Armestris," Isabelle stopped and stared at Mustang as he handed the extra files back to Hawkeye, "Now Alexys should be done with the surgery in a few hours you should ease your mind and let us handle this." Isabelle nodded in approval laying back on the couch falling right to sleep turning back into her cat form. Hawkeye walked up to Isabelle placing her jacket over her and without turning back spoke saying, "These children they have it very hard." "Yeah, but we're still here to prepare their generation so they know what to expect."
  4. Here is a story I have been working on a little after the original series ended and have been finally been writing it a long side with drawing the manga the manga is in its early stages but the plot is going pretty well so I hope you like it I will be giving out a summary of this work. Warning: This story will contain spoilers of the original fullmetal alchemist and will possibly contain violence. I do not use R language most of the time in my stories but be forworned that it likely will have PG-13 language. Before I start I would like to say I love Fullmetal Alchemist. Let me know what you think and the first few chapters will be posted tonight or sometime in the upcoming we. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and read it. The main character is named Alexys Elric and he goes to central to talk to Mustang a bout becoming a state alchemist. Alexys inheriting almost everything from Ed his looks and likes everyone thinks he's Edward but he's just gotten shorter the short part of it doesn't exactly bother him much except the fact that everyone thinks he is his father this great old powerful pipsqueak but he doesnt do to well with this. Anyway he talks with Mustang and they surpisingly find out that he has done human transmutation on his brother who was killed in a crash Having his brother die he decides to do human transmutation but he almost didn't make it his sister sacrificed her soul to bring him back and she did except the payment wasn't quite enough and the truth takes his left eye and one other thing (but that's a surprise)That's enough on scoop I hope you like.
  5. "Yes of course,"she said giving a wicked smile as she studied the unversed as they appeared on the reverse side of Inga and Mickel. Mia picked up her keyblade once again pushing through the two, but quickly said,"pardon me coming through." but only after making it through. Once she reached the unversed she drew her keyblade cutting through turning them immediately however missing. At first it seemed to be running away but all the sudden it doubled back for the attack speeding ten times as fast as when Mia went to attack them. It had almost made it to the target while Mia just stood there. At the last possible moment Mia shouted, "Windaga," and a stong burst of wind grew from keyblade destroying the unversed instantly.
  6. "Okay, how will this work Master Aqua." she said feeling someone staring at her. Nothing bending her sense of security she was finally able to take in her partners profiles. Burning their images into her memory for questions she could question later she walked between Mickel and Inga, she smiled as she said, "Good luck you two,"she pounded each other on the back waiting to see a reaction but instead of waiting for what they would say she walked towards Aqua once again, "Whenever your ready."
  7. At the moment of silence Mia deeply breathed waiting for more to come "It's been a long time since I had fun like this."she spoke quietly to herself. But not failing to keep baddle ready in case more were to show up.
  8. "Just catching my breath, one last time before I go." Mia smiled waving for them to go forth She drew forth winner's proof and ran toward Inga and Mickel," Just save some for us Mickel." she called again There's nothing like a full out fight to get your spirits loaded. She then sliced fluidly through the unversed with the creature disappearing in acloud of smoke.
  9. "Nice to meet you, it's obvious you know my name already,...Inga right." she turned to her other pupil and stared at the other guy,"What's your name."she wanted to say but seeing everyone being battle ready Mia took a deep breath looking back at Aqua,"Don't worry a bout me,I'm fine. I'm ready as well, Master Aqua."
  10. "I'm here at last!!!"Mia smiled at the others Mia looked at the three faces at once she didn't exactly know who the younger two were but she did know the eldest. "Master Aqua!!!"she pushed through the other two to get to the her," Thank goodness,it's a miracle I finally found you."she grabbed her hand and started shaking. "I'm sorry, I appear to be late. but I was chased by bears and heartless and so forth so it made it a little hard to find you." she exhaled finally able a place to be calm, to massage her feet and of course...to train. (Happy Birthday!!!!Sorry this message is a little late ^-^)
  11. Something was chasing her.A...bear! she thought to herself. She had ended up somewhere in a place with a great dense forest. "Well I can definetly say this...THIS IS DEFINETLY NOT THE LAND OF DEPARTURE!!!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. She put her hand forward creating a path in front of her and from the confusion from the bear because of the light that grew from it she dived right into the portal head first. "OWWwwwhh."she picked herself up dusting her out fit even though she had no dirt on it. "Well I guess, I have to keep walking." she continued walking forward. She walked one more step and another light grew,"This better be it or I'm gonna die." She followed the light seeing three faces.
  12. Wandering and wandering, wow just how long does it take to get to place. Mmnh...Now my feet are starting to hurt. Mia thought to herself as she trudged through the corridors. Maybe I'm lost she sighed as she sat down. WHERE ARE YOU!!! she pounded her fist on the ground. So once again she picked herself up and continued walking. She came to this doorway," Is this the way to land of departure?" She finished just when a bright light flashed No fair you know my eyes are very sensitive to the light. She frowned as the light came forward.
  13. Character Sheet for Pupils: Name Mia Neeson Age 12 Gender Female Keyblade Winner's Proof Master Aqua Personality. She is the type that would have no problem asking questions but refuses to be questioned by anyone else she is very hyper and can be a little of a brat at times but enjoys keeping anyone around her happy Appearance She has long black hair and silver eyes that are very sensitive to the light. Bio She is a girl who was always teased for her attitude and hyperactivity. One day she was faced with a situation to fight the darkness and finally get pride for herself. Now looking for someone to teach her this she comes to master Aqua for help to possibly becoming a better person.
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