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  1. English and Spanish. I'm fluent in Spanish since it was my first language despite the fact that I live in the U.S. I learned English in kindergarten since I had to, but I ended up becoming fluent in it until the beginning of 3rd grade.
  2. So I started drawing earlier today and I said I would draw Weiss so here it is! NOTE: I haven't drawn in a while so it's not gonna look that great. I tried my best... I hope you like it Weiss!
  3. Ruby


    B1: A ketchup stain on a napkin. B2: Xaon
  4. Aww thanks Weiss! And thanks Sikota! I think the name Adam is already taken though It's the No. i fanclub all over again Dx.....
  5. It's been a week, and I would still like to change my name to Ruby. Thanks!
  6. *sobs* Ok then...... There really isn't a goal anymore since we've gone over 50 before. We just see how long it takes for the mods to come and troll us again.2
  7. O.O MY NOTIFICATIONS! 54 inb4slhcomesherenowjusttotrollme
  8. Can you change my name to Ruby? Thanks, I'll check back in a week.
  9. These look great! Could you draw a chibi Ruby from RWBY for me please??
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