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  1. Roxas, me encanta su personalidad (Y tendria + Sora ), y en mujer definitivamente Aqua.
  2. I am a Titan!!! (really?)

  3. Shiki_Phantasy-Style

    Musique Pour La Tristesse De Xion Piano + Viola cover

    Luv that theme!!!!!!
  4. Uff! Im busy in my blog making gif!!!!!

  5. Having fun in my house!!

  6. Having fun in my house!!

  7. Shiki_Phantasy-Style

    My project: Card of KH!

    Holis is Shiki and I want to share one of my hobbies. Anyone who has taken to put another thing when your favorite talk KH? I have, and it's fun, for example the time of tension where everything is silent ... and wish your favorite character say a line out of the game. I love it!! And if you have some "loliskhcard" (so I say), share it, will you? Here waiting more funny cards, ok? Ciao! Im Starting with this of Axel..
  8. Shiki_Phantasy-Style

    Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Rhythm Heaven)

    Or rhythm heaven its the addictive ds game. is basically a game that music is through the rhythm (like the name). The player must play minigames that challenge different aspects (speaking in theme music, times) and therefore also your sincrinizacion and reflexes. It's really addictive and as I like games that include music, I recommend it enough. And if someone is playing let me tell you I only need to get in rhythm Rally2 perfect. My favorite is Lockstep and guitarists. I hope to try it, ciao