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  1. i watch the star trek into darkness friday and it was really good spock was really funny in it

    1. Pandora2721


      IKR!!! Hes the best haha!


  2. i love supernatural and i cant wait till season 9 starts

    1. 4Everbee


      Me too, it's gonna be awesommeee.

  3. i see u r new. well so I'm i. plz be my friend.

  4. i saw all the anime you've watched but i recommend fullmetal alchemist and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

  5. dude you like fullmetal alchemist omg it is my fave. my fave character is scar but only on fma brotherhood

    1. Silvia Kuroi

      Silvia Kuroi

      Yup! It's competing for my #1 spot.

  6. im new to this site and im excited to start exploring. if any one wants to give me something to look at feel free to tell me. i would greatly appreciate it. thanks <3

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    2. Sikota Urinakano
    3. Mikayla Mayberry

      Mikayla Mayberry

      wow i love your stories. keeping the kh story while adding something from your self into it as well good job. keep up the good work

    4. Sikota Urinakano

      Sikota Urinakano

      You can thank KingdomHearts25 for the vast majority of original characters in Awakening.

  7. Can u change my name to Ansem_Xemnas plz