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  1. Hey Sora! um well im missing you so much i do hope you can come online again because its not the same without u xox

  2. hope to see you online again soon Sora ;)

  3. Most people in the world don't see the point in helping others because they think about only helping themselves, it might just be my teen opinion, but I think whoever called you that is just stupid, or doesn't know what they are talking about,honestly I think that you sound like a great person, selfless people are something this world, so I think your an amazing world.
  4. I think he would gather money from new games or crossover, but I doubt that it will get to that point due to some of SE's new games being pretty good.
  5. Does anybody want to play smash 3ds with me?

  6. On axel, you know the reaction command that let's you end the flames?, don't press it, you can do this over again and again to get multiple combos out of him. Lingering will ; key with ventus is Tornado, aqua spell weaver, Terra- Wait until dark cannon then let it rip.
  7. sora i didnt understand it either have you ever heard of it before?

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    2. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      Not even a bit good just felt normal just like Christmas also how was your Christmas :)

    3. Sora232323


      I'm, sorry, my Christmas was great.

    4. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      You don't need to say sorry. :) Good to hear Sora that your Christmas Was Great What you been up two?

  8. Almost there, one more for me
  9. I believe so, that's why I suggested Re:com, also go to the mushroom in sgrabah, challenge it and go to the edge of the room and do your limits,go outside restore your mp and come back in, rinse and repeat.
  10. You basically have to do what SkyKeybladeHero said: time them correctly, If your having any trouble go to Re chain of memories and use sleights like sonic blade so you get a feel for timeing them. Also where are you trying to level it up at?
  11. What he said, and equip your character and party members with items, also if you have donald duck,swap him out for Goofy, he'll last longer.
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