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  1. KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So how many of you guys got every Platinum Trophy for KH1.5 & KH2.5? I finally got the KH2FM one yesterday so now I have them all ^w^
  3. Ok so I just had to get them for one character. I got my platinum ^w^
  4. they are in there spot that gives me 140 points in total.
  5. Well what I did was on occasion I miss placed them and I did manage to get some sticker that would require abilities to get them. I got them by using commands. I don't know if this would affect it or not. Also you think if i start a new game with one character and got all the stickers again if it would give me it?
  6. I know I could breeze thru it but just thinking of going thru it 3 times is crazy! I mean I had to beat ReCoM 6 times just to get that damn platinum DX
  7. Heres a better question, did you get it after collecting all the stickers for one character or all 3?
  8. I dont really wanna start a new game again especially not 3 new games D:
  9. The stupid sticker trophy in BBS is not giving it to me. I want to know if the trophy requires you to have all of them for all 3 characters or can I just have them all for one. If you got this trophy I would appreciate if you tell me how exactly you got it. Also this is the last trophy I need to platinum BBS D:
  10. My fear is having to replay the game again with all 3 characters D:
  11. Ok so I was playing BBS with all 3 characters at the same time (I cycled thru them durng different times) and I got all the stickers for each one but I didn't get the trophy? D: I tried rearranging the stickers for each one to see if I could get it but nope. And before you ask if I got the points to 140 I did with all 3 of them but still no trophy. Anybody else have this problem?
  12. Anyone know the statues of this possible HD?
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