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  1. @GoldenDrummer730#4323 the reason your magic / limit / summon menu was not saving is likely because you were navigating with dpad you are not meant to navigate with dpad, you are meant to navigate with X i will disable the ability to navigate with dpad in that menu at all when i figure out how
  2. her outfit looks good and then the coat literally ruins it i would wear that minus the coat
  3. yeah it does scale and no sora is not broken if you feel like the mod is too easy there is always master difficulty, but really master difficulty is too hard for most people
  4. magic finisher mp is boosted at end of combo
  5. https://imgur.com/fiFeZ1K bar is working
  6. having situations where you have 2 bars and 1 orange chunk filled where if you use a 2mp spell before a 1mp spell you can get 3mp of spells off right away but if you start with the 1mp spell you cant use the 2mp spell so your spell ordering matters
  7. kh1's mp system also is interesting becuase of recharge overflow
  8. i actually really don't like the recharging mp though it encourages you to just run away and camp out your mp bar, especially with glide
  9. you cant spam cure, but you now have autoreloading items so you are likely to actually have full item slots you can also heal with drives, go invincible with limits, and reflect replaces the spammable iframes from 1fm leaf bracer
  10. kh2 limited curing because they added so many new options to heal and block damage
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