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  1. This is not too much different then Marluxia's AS battle, but it's faster and you have to fight him differently. His DM is still the scariest thing ever, but that's where reflega comes in real handy at the end of it.A friend of mine gave me the tip on using reflega, so go check out his channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/200XXXX200XXXXRestrictions:Critical ModeLevel 1No DamageNo ArmorNo AccessoriesNo Stat BoostersNo DriveNo LimitNo SummonNo Beginning Game Magic Boost
  2. God this was hard to pull off! If I wasn't using Reflega, this would be much longer and much harder!Here's the newest strategy for taking out Larxene Data. This strategy can also work for her Absent Silhouette. You don't want Guard Break, Explosion or Finishing Plus on and you want one combo plus on. Combo Larxene twice and she will do an auto revenge. I hope this video helps with people who really struggle like crazy against her. I did too at first.Restrictions:Critical ModeLevel 1No DamageWeakest Weapon (Hidden Dragon)No ArmorNo AccessoriesNo Stat BoostersNo DriveNo LimitNo SummonNo MP ItemsNo RC
  3. Roxas Data doesn't become ungodly hard until his second phase! You have to time guard and position yourself perfectly!Restrictions:Critical ModeLevel 1No DamageNo HitWeakest Weapon (Sweet Memories)No ArmorNo AccessoriesNo Stat BoostersNo DriveNo LimitNo SummonNo Growth SkillsNo Desperation MoveNo Beginning Game Magic Boost
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