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  1. After watching so many YouTube videos about the series, reading many of the threads here on the site, and learning about the story of Chi and AAAAAAALL of the theories out there, I have come to one conclusion: I am utterly lost when it comes to the KH lore now. Like stupidly lost. Like, I'm playing a game whose story is just slapping me in the face every second while I like it. By asking the following questions, I know I'm probably gonna get the classic, "why start a new thread, all the answers are ______" ; " so and so already answered ______________" ; "here's the link to find out ___________ and __________" etc. But at least for my sake and love of the series,I guess I'd like to have once single page to get CLEAR and maybe DEFINITIVE answers to the mind boggle I have right now. Here goes: 1. In KH1, Sora could only WIELD the keyblade because of Ven's presence in his heart. I know that Sora never got his OWN k'blade, but by the end of the game, the k'blade CHOSE him over Riku due to Riku's entanglement with darkness even though it was initially Riku's keyblade. True or False? (if true, then sora won't lose the keyblade that chose him even if Ven's heart leaves him in KH3?) 2. KH1: When Sora releases his heart to release Kairi's with the Keyblade of People's Hearts, his Nobody Roxas is formed. Right? Right. But does Ven's heart get transferred into Roxas or does it stick around with Sora all the time? Just want to make sure... This also reminds me of something I read on this site: 2b. Since Roxas=Sora's Nobody and Nobody= Body left behind by Heartless, I read somewhere on here that after the events of KH1 and all through out CoM until Roxas merges with Sora in KHII, Sora is theoretically a "walking heart" since Roxas has his "left behind body" until the end of Roxas' story? Or does Sora recoup his body as seen in KH1 and Roxas... also keeps his body...? Does that have any merit or am i really just out of my mind?? 3. Roxas dual wields because of Sora and Ven, or because of Sora and Xion? And Sora can dual wield because of Ven and because he got the synch blade ability from Roxas after merging, right? 4. I played DDD when it first came out and im fuzzy on the story as of now: So Roxas and Xion grew their own heart after a while and there's a possibility of them coming back as their own people person in KH3? 5. ... If 4 is true.. does that mean that Sora, as of the end of DDD, is housing 3 hearts: Ven, Roxas, and Xion? Or does the fact that Xion is at this point a forgotten memory made from memories disqualify her from ultimately coming back? (Which, incidentally, leads me to another question: IF Roxas & Xion grew a heart, then that means Axel did too. If Lea is back due to his HL/NB being destroyed.. does that mean that Lea would then house Axel's new grown heart in him? or does the new heart thing not apply to his happenstance and is still just one heart?) Too many questions. Gonna go lie down now.
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