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  1. Nice to see some clarification! Thanks! I still have to ask though... isnt it weird they would decide to use such big and sucessful movies for a free IOS game? That part is what I really find strange, but it really doesnt make it fake at all though.
  2. Ok, this has finally made me create an account haha I been looking without posting at this site for quite a long time already, it was about time. But on topic... I cant be the only one who finds this a little fishy... I mean, Im not saying its fake but... (this might sound dumb) isnt there any chance whoever is passing this info is some KH3 dev, leaking info on the game covering it up as a cancelled game? Think about it... Star Wars? Wreck it Ralph (a nomenee for best animated movie)? Frozen (a WINNER of the best animated movie award)? all allowed to be in, not only an IOS game... but a FREE IOS game??? And thats just an example with three movies. This really sounds weird to me.... VERY weird... This is either fake or something bigger being covered up.
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