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  1. Alright, I know Axel already said this reason, but this is the biggest point that I see that you interpret the rules wrong and that is the fact that when the rules say "You must leave your physical body in order to travel to the past" this is more saying that you become a heartless and then you are able to travel back in time and not that you take your mind and heart out and put it into your past self, you just travel as that heartless. Per when Ansem SOD travels back to Young Xehanort, if what you were saying was true then Ansem would then take control of YX's body, but he doesn't he just travels as a heartless or a heart and then transfers his powers to YX which allows YX to travel with the loophole of not having to leave his body.
  2. Yea I'm starting to get it, but 2 last questions, after they enter the first sleeping world were they still in the past or did Ansem take them back to the present and also was Traverse Town technically a sleeping world
  3. Thanks but one last thing why does RIku still count as a Dream eater if he's back in the real world and not inside Soras dream anymore, because they still are wearing the same clothes.
  4. When Riku shows up in "The World that Never Was" is Riku still in Sora's dream or in the real world because he and and sora are still wearing the same clothes. Also how were Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Axel drop in. Because Riku and Sora are still in the past, so how did those 4 go back in time.
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