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  1. Thanks guys! I defeated Captain Hook 3 days ago. I mostly doged, cura, and hit when necessary. Also thanks to Absolute Zero (a little, used it twice).
  2. Ah, okay. That makes much more sense Thanks for clearing it up
  3. I'm a little confused about the Pause trick... So button press then pause?
  4. Wow! I'll try to see if I have any Rush attacks then Seems like there will be a lot of hits to make
  5. I've also mastered Flame Salvo, so I do get to spam X at the end for a few extra hits. Anyway, when I play BbS, I will try to see if I have any Rush Shotlocks Thanks!
  6. My current Shotlock is Flame Salvo. So, if I have a Rush type Shotlock, I should use that instead of Flame Salvo?
  7. Not sure what a Rush Type is. Do you mean commands like Fire Dash?
  8. I don't have leaf bracer. And how could I Shotlock him to death without Focus? I'd have to attack sometime. But thanks for the tips, guys!
  9. Past few days on Normal mode of Birth by Sleep I've had trouble defeating Captain Hook. These are 4 scenarios that happen: I decide to use Cura, then Hook attack WHILE I'm using Cura, stopping the spell and killing me. I use Glide at low health to land (so I can Cura) and forget Hook has presents he throws. I land from gliding, only to be Hook-charged and die. Accidentally click Cura. Get low health, and it isn't reloaded. He attacks WHILE I'm looking for another command to attack him, killing me. Can anyone give me some tips? Thanks! ~KingdomKey237 Ignore that, sorry. Posted on BbS, not BbSFM! ~KingdomKey237
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